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Positive is his only choice

Positive is his only choice

I don’t think Newt really has any choice but to stay positive.  Deep down I think it’s what people want, and in any event, he doesn’t have the money to flood the airwaves in Iowa that way Paul and Romney’s SuperPAC are doing.

My worry? Positive may be what people want, but negative wins, and we will not see until the general election how low Romney’s numbers can go until someone unleashes on him the level of attack being unleashed on Newt.

Update: Rudy goes where no one — other than Huntsman in NH — has dared to go:


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Quote from Newt’s smackdown of Piers Morgan when he tried to tell Newt what the reality of politics is: “The reality of politics is, if you have a good enough leader who’s positive enough, they can ignore the other candidates, they can create a positive majority around a positive set of solutions, and let the other candidate worry about me.”

Yeah, I’d say positive is his strategy.

(Just because it’s fun to watch, here’s the video )

Well wow. Rudy absolutely just drilled it straight out of the park.
What is going on with the Republican establishment. Are they anti-conservatism? Or just pro winning at any cost? Well what is the cost?

Independents and undecided voters are that way because the GOP has been weak and flip flopping for years. The GOP gives these indies nothing to rally around. The country is conservative. There are huge problems and the left is making it worse. For some incomprehensible reason, the GOP is afraid to embrace the principles that made this country great.

I am so fed up with the mealy-mouthed vacillating. Romney embodies this. The left will pick him to pieces in the general because he has no core. Independents know this.

What an awesome rant by Rudy. Evokes memories of when he was mayor and it was great to have him.

And another reminder of what I can’t stand about Bloomberg, who is another excessively politically correct establishment favorite Romney-like technocrat Demo-Republicrat something or other that we are supposed to like because he is so much smarter than the rest of us. Although, Bloomberg at least built a company versus strip-mined it. One point for that.

Go Rudy. And Go for whatever nominee is willing to stand up and fight without a whole lot of mushiness.

Rush makes the claim that team Obama is writing off the white blue-collar vote. Newt claims that he convince the Reagan democrats to come back. Is it not true that Reagan democrats are viewed to be white blue-collar? If yes, this is a plus for Newt.
I only have questions today. If you put all of the anti-Newt punditry in a room and then removed all of those from east of the Appalachians, how many would remain?

Positive was the way to go for Newt, but unfortunately for Newt, he has recently gone on the attack and it has not gone over well.

If there were still a few more months until Iowa, he could probably shrug it off if he was able to remain positive from here on out. But with Iowa now being so close, I don’t see how he can regain the momentum, whether he plays nice or goes on the attack.

“Positive Is His Only Hope” should be the headline should read.

Just as (I) predicted, Newt is suffering from the lessons of history, I.E. it will come back to bite you in the back side.

Now, the race will be between Ron Paul who is nutz and Romney, a moderate who has consistently had the best chance to dispatch Obama.

But, I still think that Cain got a raw deal and would have been Obama’s worst nightmare…

The fact that Newt has refrained from being a jerk to the others in the field is very endearing, and let me tell ya something: while I am behind Rick Santorum and did publicly endorse him, if he goes negative on Newt tonight and joins the other piranhas in attacking him, it will diminish him greatly in my eyes – especially after all the nice things he had to say about him in the last debate.
Any below the belt attacks on Newt are going to hurt the attackers more than they will Mr. Gingrich.

Tonight’s debate might be the clincher for me. Of course, whatever questions remain, for me. about Newt might still remain after tonight. However, Perry is not able so far to make the case for himself, Bachmann’s toast IMHAO, Paul should be toast except his 3rd Party schtick might kill our republic, Santorum is part of the GOP’s long term bench so hope he doesn’t destroy himself, Hunstman needs to get a job, and Romney is going to talk himself out of the running very soon, even with his wind tossed hair.

So, here’s hoping that Newt follows the professor’s good advice about staying positive for his vision of the USA and reserving his negative stuff for his anti-Obama ads and later debates.

So, right now, Newt’s my candidate. Except, Palin should have been and might be, on the come back, if the GOP destroys Newt. Well, my wife might care who I want for prez, but everyone else will say “who cares;” so be it.

As easy as it has been for debating juggernaut Rick Perry to get under his skin, Axelrod, Obama, the DNC, et al, will have Romney trembling, in the fetal position, in a urine soaked corner by August.

Um, tell me again, professor, why it is that after 40 years in national politics including a stint as Speaker and a decade on K Street, Newt has no money.

    William A. Jacobson in reply to JEBurke. | December 15, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    I see you have shown up peppering all the posts with the same taunting themes. I guess he doesn’t have all Mitt’s Wall Street connections and hasn’t spend the past 8 years running for president.