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Pollday stuff

Pollday stuff

A lot of polls today showing Newt weakening substantially, and he’s finally doing a major media buy in Iowa starting with this ad, and launching a 44-stop bus tour.  I don’t think it’s too late, but it is late.

  • Would Michele Bachmann be in second place if she were a man?  I don’t think so.
  • Who coulda seen this coming:  Payroll extension approved by Senate unworkable says payroll accounting group.
  • Who coulda seen this coming:  Scott Brown angry at House GOP for being too tough.
  • Who coulda seen this coming:  Iraq already falling apart.
  • I hate it when I agree with an E.J. Dionne analysis, here of the Republican primary: “It is one of the true delights of a bizarrely entertaining Republican presidential contest to watch the apoplectic fear and loathing of so many GOP establishmentarians toward Newt Gingrich.”
  • Romney’s PAC “Free & Strong America” gave Gov. Haley $62k during her 2010 race. Gingrich PAC gave $3,500.
  • More
  • Various bloggers are endorsing Perry today:  Ace, several at Redstate including Moe Lane and Dan McLaughlin.  I have nothing against Perry; I’m just not seeing it yet.

Another video from 2008 of Michele Bachmann praising Newt (prior video here):


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BannedbytheGuardian | December 19, 2011 at 5:58 pm

My instincts – no frontrunner or frontrunners by march.

Big problems for Republicans . No clear target for Dems either.

All House & Senate races subsumed by this catharsis.

All reflecting the reality of America (& many western nations ).

Very little legislation getting thru Congress.

I cannot see past March yet.

I doubt Bachmann would even be running if she were a man. A 2 termer with no legislative record or leadership record, no executive experience, no foreign policy experience, no natl profile, from a deep blue state that hasnt gone GOP since 1972? Would any guy in that situation be taken seriously?

Look at where someone like Duncan Hunter ended up in 08 to find your answer. And he had way more going for him than Bachmann.

If anything, Bachmann has benefitted from being a woman(and the absence of any other women, and one in particular, in the field). Politically, she hasn’t really taken advantage of it, in my view. There was so much more she could have done.

    Pfft. Apparently a 1/2 termer got taken seriously enough, so why not a 2-termer?

    As for her being able to do more, she’d have to be half-again less dishonest, and at least twice as sane first.

“several at Redstate including Moe Lane and Dan McLaughlin.”

Yeah, well, that IS the site that got it’s frilly panties in a wad because some gay folks wanted to take part in CPAC, and who’s head guy changes his endorsement based on who’s paying him.

So I do hope they will forgive me if I find their endorsement less than convincing.

Also, the whole “Haley got more from Mittens” thing? Yeah, great to see Romney’s wealth isn’t getting him anything special. *spit*

Iraq already falling apart.

Could that be because the only thing Sunni and Shia have in common IS, Islam?

And that schism will never come to agreement..

As to the Repubs..Simple solution, nominate Condoleezza Rice to run against Obama. Not A conservative, but there isn’t going to be A conservative running against Obama, to begin with.

Axlerod will go nuts, check that, MORE nuts on possible smears. Beside the fact of..How can one not like a lovely lady, who has always had a dream of becoming Commissioner of the NFL?

    Valerie in reply to El Cid. | December 19, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    The Iraqis can look across their borders and see the future, if they fail to hang together. They are certainly going to argue amongst themselves, and all their negotiations to date have lasted well past all artificial, and most real, deadlines.

I like the comment by Banned because President Obama and his administration are indeed denied a smear target while awarded one albatross after another to wear around their necks.

Jay Carney stated the White House “present” vote with a crack about closely monitoring North Korea along with our allies (name three allies). Paging Mrs. Rodham Clinton, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Nicely asking for a drone back from Iran.

California style legislative buffoonery with the budget and a two month tax break.

Denial of an ad hominem victim for Democrat opposition research and smears leaves the MSM votive candle illumination on our beloved incumbent and the rats that are soon likely to be hoarding documents to show their ghost writers and agents before hitting the ejection seat buttons on the way out of the executive branch.

So buck up, GOP! Time is on your side. Some of those hoarded administration and party documents will be irresistable leaks while fresh.

Since “resignation” is not in Obama’s vocabulary he will have to endure future humiliations of domestic and foreign policy failures will produce. Too bad the rest of us have to endure as well.

I know this is not what I had been waiting for.

Thanks, Professor!

Seems to me that the two month tax holiday issue, and Scott Brown’s position on it, amount to a whole lot more than just a “pollday” matter!

The “National Payroll Reporting Consortium” [NPRC] is a politically neutral organization and their letter may have actually put the Senate in a bit of a bind.

That ABC story was a big hit on Drudge this afternoon — and my guess would be that it was not taken into account at all when Brown and his compatriots took their swing at Boehner. It certainly strengthens John Boehner’s hand at this point, and could put Scott Brown in a bad light as well. He, Lugar and (Dean) Heller are all up in 2012, and they are acting like scared rabbits in publicly demanding that the House go along with the Senate Democrats and the President for the “quick fix.”

Politically, it makes Scott look like he’s embracing the expedient, short-term view, which actually could allow his opponent to declare that she would take a position “independent” of Harry Reid and even of the President — by favoring the longer extension.

That way, she could lay claim to an independent streak, one which would appeal to independent voters in Massachusetts, however precious few of those there may be! If she gets the Democrats and a number of independents, she wins.

Now, she may not be able or “allowed” to do that — to take that position. Senate money PAC folks, including Senator Chuck Schumer, may well tell her not to go that route because this vote is very important to them, and she would be a distraction in the middle of a fight. But the fact is that she doesn’t have to vote on the bill . . . so she could use the issue to pick up some cheap “political points” with independents, and make Scott look like he’s just running scared.

The Prof said…

“I have nothing against Perry; I’m just not seeing it yet.”

Come on down to Texas and I’ll give you a primer. Perry needs to stay where he’s at. No need for another Texas huckster to infect DC…

StephenMonteith | December 19, 2011 at 11:35 pm

Don’t tell me You’re pushing the narrative that Haley’s endorsement of Romney over Gingrich, or anyone else for that matter, is because Romney gave her more money. God, why can’t anyone take an endorsement at face value anymore, these days? Why can’t it just be that she honestly thinks he’d do a better job as president, like everyone else who supports him?

    Juba Doobai! in reply to StephenMonteith. | December 19, 2011 at 11:56 pm

    This is BS. Romney is no Conservative and Haley knows that. She also knows that she’s lying when she says she is. Therefore, she had to have been suborned, either with promises of power or with cash. After all, if she was not suborned, what does she have to gain by lying about what and who Romney is? Nothing, except the loss of reputation. Well, that has happened, and since she’s a politician, she gave it up for something. That’s how most pols roll, and Haley with her scant regard for the woman who brought her her governorship, for the second time has proven to be just another politician.

Bachmann is where she is not because of her sex but because she’s a dangerous back-stabber and the public knows that.She needed Sarah Palin to help her regain her seat, then she and her minions disdain Palin by elevating Bachmann as being like Palin but with brains. She’s pulling the same stunt in the southern states now, isn’t she? Defaming a fellow GOPer in the nastiest of ways. That vicious, say anything to win at all costs characteristic is why Bachmann has been dropped by the people who could have had her in first place.

Redstate bloggers endorsing Perry? Not exactly a shocker there. They’ve been banning commenters (myself included) who were insufficiently worshipful of the self-appointed republican messiah, Rick Perry, for months.

    BurkeanBadger in reply to phlogiston. | December 20, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    Yeah, Perry is a “self-appointed Republican messiah”. But there are others. Like a narcissistic, self-aggrandizing washed up House Speaker who abruptly decided to take some time off shilling for Freddie Mac (and anyone else with deep enough pockets) to run a half-hearted campaign for president, until all of the other viable “Not-Romneys” stumbled and he suddenly had a serious chance, mostly by default. 😉

workingclass artist | December 20, 2011 at 7:58 am

I’d like this to come down to a two man race between Perry and Gingrich…That would be a hoot.