A lot of polls today showing Newt weakening substantially, and he’s finally doing a major media buy in Iowa starting with this ad, and launching a 44-stop bus tour.  I don’t think it’s too late, but it is late.

  • Would Michele Bachmann be in second place if she were a man?  I don’t think so.
  • Who coulda seen this coming:  Payroll extension approved by Senate unworkable says payroll accounting group.
  • Who coulda seen this coming:  Scott Brown angry at House GOP for being too tough.
  • Who coulda seen this coming:  Iraq already falling apart.
  • I hate it when I agree with an E.J. Dionne analysis, here of the Republican primary: “It is one of the true delights of a bizarrely entertaining Republican presidential contest to watch the apoplectic fear and loathing of so many GOP establishmentarians toward Newt Gingrich.”
  • Romney’s PAC “Free & Strong America” gave Gov. Haley $62k during her 2010 race. Gingrich PAC gave $3,500.
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  • Various bloggers are endorsing Perry today:  Ace, several at Redstate including Moe Lane and Dan McLaughlin.  I have nothing against Perry; I’m just not seeing it yet.

Another video from 2008 of Michele Bachmann praising Newt (prior video here):