It’s the major headline at Drudge:

But the headline suggests it’s a reaction to polling, but instead it was questioning by Frank Luntz about Newt’s mother.

The most poignant moment to me was not the discussion of his mother but at 4:25 when he recounted a story told by a young mother about how she had 3 children in three different schools the morning of 9/11, and how she had to decide which one to get first; she said she would do anything not to have to do that again.

Matt Lewis points to the evolving reaction of the public to candidates expressing emotion:

Crying, of course, was once political death — think Ed Muskie. But Hillary  Clinton’s tears four years ago probably helped her win in New Hampshire. And  Speaker John Boehner’s very frequent tears have, perhaps,  helped remove the stigma of public crying….

As Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf once said, “I don’t trust a man who doesn’t cry.”

Help? Hurt? No difference?

Update:  The more this race continues, the less I like Romney on a personal level, Mitt tweaks Newt: ‘I won’t cry’:

Here in Merrimack, Romney started talking about his parents and what they meant to him, and how they taught him to love America — and said, “No, no, I won’t cry.”

See updates in related post as to Romney campaign disputing this was a shot at Newt.