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Mock the vote – Open

Mock the vote – Open

Doings today that didn’t quite fit a full post:

  • Smitty is having none of that crap National Popular Vote proposal.  I posted about this very bad idea back in October.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it; and if it is broke, don’t make it so that Democrats have an easier time stealing an election worse.
  • Someday I might put this in a separate post, but for now, Brent Bozell points out that Newt actually was totally exonerated by the IRS on the tax charges for which he accepted a House Ethics Committee fine, but the networks ignored the findings and perpetuate the myth that he engaged in some sort of tax fraud.
  • Not sure how I feel about this, as long as it’s not too whiny I guess it’s a way for a campaign with little money to counteract a campaign with lots of money going negative, Newt’s Iowa supporters plan to ask Mitt Romney to stop his  negative campaign. (added) This AP report makes it sound less wimpy.
  • Media making a big deal about Perry not being quite up to speed on U.S. Sup. Ct.
  • Ron Paul says there was glee in Bush admin after 9/11 because they finally got to invade Iraq.
  • At Romney sponsored press phone call yesterday with Sununu and Talent, only liberal media outlets were allowed to ask questions, conservative media totally shut out, for a reason. [Note added: via HotAir, Romney campaign disputes this account, which originated at Daily Caller.]
  • Can I call ’em or what?  I predicted earlier today Romney would hide behind his surrogates as to attacks on Newt, and guess what just happened.  Who, me? (added)
  • What else?



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DINORightMarie | December 9, 2011 at 5:13 pm

…although something tells me she will dispute what the meaning of “is” is.

After Holder and Corzine testified yesterday, not to mention Obama’s Kansas coming-out speech, why in the world would you think that? /sarc

This is an ObamaNation. Can’t CAN’T wait till November 2012!!!

“National Popular Vote proposal”

Yeah. I see this as one of those double-edged things.
Just wait until the popular vote goes for a Republican and the folks in California (who have signed on to the “Popular Vote”) wake-up one morning to find that they got to have their electoral votes go to the other side. They will be in the courts for years.

I was under the impression that the House Ethics committee finally settled on a charge of improper use of staff to help prepare to a college course the Speaker was doing on the side. The money he paid was pretty much a reimbursement for the staff’s services that he “misappropriated.” This squares well with the IRS finding.

I don’t think it’s fair to say Newt was “totally exonerated” by the IRS, as several of the charges against him weren’t violations of the law, but rather violations of House rules, which the IRS generally doesn’t investigate.

None the less, being investigated by the IRS and having them come up empty handed is still pretty impressive. My taxes are pretty simple, and even I’m not confident the IRS wouldn’t find any impropriety on my forms if they had enough time to look, I’m sure there’s some bank interest or something I forgot to put on there.

    Neo in reply to Awing1. | December 9, 2011 at 6:06 pm

    It is fair to say that Newt was “totally exonerated” by the IRS as far as the purview of the IRS goes.

      Awing1 in reply to Neo. | December 9, 2011 at 6:32 pm

      The problem is when we say he was exonerated of the tax charges for which he accepted a house ethics committee fine. He was never exonerated of the House ethics committee charges, and it’s inaccurate to suggest that he was.

Re Popular Vote

I think its very possible that the GOP candidate will win the popular vote but lose the electoral vote in 2012.

Back in 1956, after JFK lost his early attempt to run for President, he flirted with the idea of getting rid of the Electoral College. He was advised that because of the big cities, which typically go for Democrats, that it would be unwise to tamper with the system and he relented.

Dims want the popular vote because thir constituents are in the more populous big cities. The whole point of electoral votes is so the little states have a voice in national elections otherwise only big cities and the beach people will elect our presidents.

Does Ron Paul really belong in the republican party? Why doesn’t he start his own and call it “pull stuff out of the air and call it truth”. Or if that’s too long a title, call it the Nutty Party.

Is it me or does it seem Romney is sounding more and more like Obama in the field of telling the truth? Typical politician…lie, lie, lie.

Would someone tell me if Kagan is found to have lied during her testimony in the senate, would she be removed from office or just left sitting there as a known liar?

    Darkstar58 in reply to BarbaraS. | December 9, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    Does Ron Paul really belong in the republican party? Why doesn’t he start his own and call it “pull stuff out of the air and call it truth”. Or if that’s too long a title, call it the Nutty Party.

    Paul has left the Republican Party before – during/after Reagan’s Presidency, after writing an Anti-Reagan “dear John” letter which he then posted in a newspaper. It can be found here:

    He than ran for President in 1988 on a third party (Libertarian Party) ticket; coming in 3rd behind Bush the Sr and Dukakis with an overall 0.42% of the vote

    After getting destroyed in the Election, he apparently decided the only way he can probably get elected to anything is running under a GOP banner, so he became a Republican again…

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Nobel-Winning IPCC Chair Rajendra Pachauri Urges Obama to “Listen to Science” on Global Warming

Pachauri continued, “Actually, to be honest, nobody over here [at COP 17] is paying any attention to science.”

We need to make the Electoral Vote proportional and not a winner-take-all. The problem with the current political process is all the political power and money gets concentrated in the highly populated areas. After all, those votes can and will carry a state. The less populated areas, as well as their issues, get ignored.
As long as this continues, we will have wedge issues and an increasingly frustrated voter who believes they are forgotten and ignored. A proportional electoral college will basically neuter the special interest groups. The winner-take-all electoral college only increases the power and the leverage of the special interest groups.
This NPV will only increase the leverage of the special interests and further doom this nation. They can concentrate their efforts in a handful of states and rule the country.