Doings today that didn’t quite fit a full post:

  • Smitty is having none of that crap National Popular Vote proposal.  I posted about this very bad idea back in October.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it; and if it is broke, don’t make it so that Democrats have an easier time stealing an election worse.
  • Someday I might put this in a separate post, but for now, Brent Bozell points out that Newt actually was totally exonerated by the IRS on the tax charges for which he accepted a House Ethics Committee fine, but the networks ignored the findings and perpetuate the myth that he engaged in some sort of tax fraud.
  • Not sure how I feel about this, as long as it’s not too whiny I guess it’s a way for a campaign with little money to counteract a campaign with lots of money going negative, Newt’s Iowa supporters plan to ask Mitt Romney to stop his  negative campaign. (added) This AP report makes it sound less wimpy.
  • Media making a big deal about Perry not being quite up to speed on U.S. Sup. Ct.
  • Ron Paul says there was glee in Bush admin after 9/11 because they finally got to invade Iraq.
  • At Romney sponsored press phone call yesterday with Sununu and Talent, only liberal media outlets were allowed to ask questions, conservative media totally shut out, for a reason. [Note added: via HotAir, Romney campaign disputes this account, which originated at Daily Caller.]
  • Can I call ’em or what?  I predicted earlier today Romney would hide behind his surrogates as to attacks on Newt, and guess what just happened.  Who, me? (added)
  • What else?



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