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Message received

Message received

Someone got the message that the current “hide and don’t seek me” strategy was not working.

Now when Romney goes on Glenn Beck like Newt just did, then I’ll really be impressed.  But until then, this will have to do:

But I’m curious about the timing. Why not this Sunday? I can’t believe Wallace could not squeeze him in.


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i don’t care what either of the Democrat front runners is doing, or what TV shows they are on, since i’m not going to vote for either of them.

Not that I want to help with the lifting here, but the 18th has two possible attractions:

— It is the start of the holiday week so that the news coverage will have less reach.

— It provides more lead time to assess whether others have taken Newt down a peg or two so that Romney can be softer — or not.

Then again, Romney may just have schedule commitments for this Sunday that are too important to break.

And he’s looking to be President?

    I agree. Obama hasn’t had a real interview by anybody with “tricky” question since … ever.
    Romney wants to follow in the Presidential style .. shut up and get out of my way .. did I say “please” ?

Mitt’s strategy is to be the last man standing, so he wins by the process of elimination. Considering the way Democratic supporters have infiltrated so many conservative and TEA Party-supporting sites with their nasty habit of trashing, one by one, every potential Republican candidate, it could work.

Except for one, teensy, tinesy, problem: the voting hasn’t started, yet.

Jon Huntsman tacks to skepticism on climate

Jon Huntsman, who slammed Rick Perry over the summer for not trusting scientists on climate change, has now developed his own doubts.

“The scientific community owes us more in terms of a better description of explanation about what might lie beneath all of this. But there’s not information right now to formulate policies in terms of addressing it over all, primarily because it’s a global issue,” the former Utah governor said Tuesday at an appearance at the conservative Heritage Foundation.

I call it a “punt”

Henry Hawkins | December 6, 2011 at 4:01 pm

The Romney team took December 18th instead of the 11th because they needed time to reprogram Romney in preparation for the interview with notorious arch-conservative journalistic hit man, Chris Wallace.

Wow, what a leader that Mitt Romney is. I can’t imagine why those so-called “principle conservatives” seem to be flocking to that cantankerous old Newt Gingrich instead.