All the news is focused on whether the House Republicans will cave and go along with the unworkable and illogical Senate two-month extension of the social security “tax holiday.”

That is how stupid politics has become, both Democrats and Senate Republicans are lashing out at House Republicans for refusing to go along with an unworkable plan.  House Republicans probably will, and maybe at this point should, pass the damn thing not on the merits but because Senate Republicans threw them under the bus.

House Republicans should not be the only ones outraged.

I’ve been beating the drums since before the 2008 election that Obama’s plans for revamping how FICA money is paid and used — the most recent being the “payroll tax holiday — should have liberals screaming.

Obama almost singlehandedly is taking a sacrosanct flow of FICA money and turning it into just another “tax” to be played with a political circumstances dictate.  In this case, the political circumstance is a second year of diminished FICA payments as part of a class warfare strategy to get Obama reelected.

FICA, however, is not an ordinary tax, it is the funding mechanism for Democrat’s most cherished program.  Politicizing the flow of FICA contributions moving into the pipeline makes it that much easier to politicize the flow of benefits exiting the pipeline.

Liberals have sold their social security soul for Obama’s reelection, and they will never get it back.

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