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Obama ending social security as we know it

Obama ending social security as we know it

I am amazed, once again, that liberals are not screaming at the tops of their lungs about Obama’s proposal to extend the social security tax holiday for another year.

I noted in October 2008, January 2009, and again in December 2010, that Obama seeks to end the pay-in concept of social security, in fact if not in theory. 

Consistently Obama treats the FICA pay-in as merely another tax to be played with as part of a redistributionist policy.  During and immediately after the 2008 campaign it was a plan to issue refundable tax credits which amounted to double-dipping, and in the past year it has been the FICA tax holiday.

The common theme throughout Obama’s proposals has been to divorce benefits and pay-ins, and to treat Social Security benefits as merely another government welfare program.

Some Democrats in Congress are opposing Obama’s plans, but there is none of the over-the-top rhetoric which is directed at conservatives who want to fix not end social security as we know it.

When it comes to social security, liberals have met the enemy, they just won’t admit it.


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How does this not relate to Cloward and Piven? If you can make most of the populace dependent on the government, the government then controls the populace.

We all know that that Social Security is not sustainable. It has been a pyramid scheme since its concept. But it has always been sold to the American public based on being their money, paid into the government, for future use by the payees, but if it is turned into nothing by a redistribution of private corporate wealth to workers, it will crash within a few years.

People need to research the Galveston County, Texas retirement plan. Galveston County workers decided to opt out of Social Security (when they still could) and their rate of return is twice what Social Security provides. Of course, Congress, in its wisdom, passed legislation that does not allow anyone to opt out. Call Social Security the prime example of a public “option.”

Social Security needs to be truely optional. If you are under 45, with 20 years more in your work life, you should be able to retrieve your money paid in, including those payments of your employer, and put it into a fund that you can manage for yourself, knowing that you will not be eligible for Social Security when you retire. If you are over 45, you should be able to take a one-time lump payment , being, once again, able to control your own money. Over 55 would be maintained on the program as we now know it, or given the choice of a one time payment at retirement.

But the rainmakers in D.C. have been eroding Social Security for years. If you are collecting Social Security, you grew up thinking you would not pay taxes on those benefits, but people are living longer and spouses now work, so those benefits have to be reported on your joint tax return and wind up being taxed anyway. If your company offers you an early retirement package, making way for new hires or trying to avoid expansive layoffs (such as ATT does) you are cutting your own throat. You may have planned for your retirement, dumping money into your 401(K) plan, thinking you will be fine until you draw SS, but you would be wrong. Not only will you be fined a 10% tax penalty for withdrawing from your IRA while you are under 59 1/2, but you will see your SS benefits steadily decrease for every year that you don’t pay into it prior to retirement age. That means higher taxes on the money you saved for retirement and lower SS payments when you reach eligibility. Yet, we are told how SS is such a great deal.

I would suggest everyone read a great book, Stealing From Each Other, that will show, in proven data, how SS is such a rotten deal.

[…] Read it. Consistently Obama treats the FICA pay-in as merely another tax to be played with as part of a redistributionist policy.  During and immediately after the 2008 campaign it was a plan to issue refundable tax credits which amounted to double-dipping, and in the past year it has been the FICA tax holiday. […]

Put another way, the one-party system can’t get its narrative straight. Wherever you start from in this maze of corruption, all roads lead to big government socialism.

You sound like you keep expecting Barak Obama to act like a lawyer.


Here’s a sidelight that may at first seem to be a bit off this topic. But it really is not.

It is directly related to your excellent choice for Video of the Day, featuring Gene Simmons of Kiss.

Fact is, there was no landing strip over there that I could find on which to post a comment. So here you go.

“The Demon” (Simmons) succinctly notes therein the difference between an “idea” and an “idealist.”

Perfect! It was a lesson so many of us absorbed and observed in depth during the 20th Century, especially when it came to the long, ugly history of the Soviet block. The idealism of the early progressives, here and elsewhere, finally gave way to an in depth recognition of the horror of the Marxist reality.

It looks to me like Barry . . . who in some respects is a Marmalade Man is already starting to reap a reaction to what he has sown with his own crowd.

Back in 2008, what the Obama crowd and his supporters imagined was all sweet and hopey-changy on the outside. But it turned out to be a little bitter on the inside, like marmalade. In fact, damned if it doesn’t have bits in it!

This post, for example, makes that very point tangentially when it comes to Social Security. One wonders who will be the first Democrat to stand up and say, “Hey, wait a second there, pal . . .”

Looking forward to 2012, perhaps we can even begin to irreverently ask a little, “Butter side up, there Barry?”

The judgment will come. And, if this video is any indication, it will come, not just from us, but from his own kind, too!

Obama is trying to bankrupt the country and is doing a pretty good job. Destroy the US economy and like phoenix rising out of ashes he will build a new totalitarian state. This is his goal. He is no longer trying to hide it. The 45% of the populace had better wake up and smell the coffee or it will be too late.

He’s cutting the SS receipts by 1/4. SS is already in trouble. He wants to up the stakes.

[…] to the above question is “for the country” – screw you. We know better than that. In fact, like the professor, we are still asking the question we and the professor asked a long time…: “Obama ending social security as we know […]