Tonight there will be a live blog here for the debate, starting at 9 p.m. Eastern (probably will turn it live closer to 8:30).

Until then, here’s a running list of stuff of interest:

  • Glenn Greenwald is upset that I’ve been calling him out repeatedly, so he’s trying to take my post on the drone downing out of context.  See Update.  Waaah.
  • Obama is reminding us that he needs a second term to finish the job.  You know what?  I believe him.
  • James Taranto sees the idiocy.
  • Supreme Court has taken Texas redistricting case.  Election Law Blog discusses what it all means.
  • Palestinians are furious that Newt told the truth about their history.  It doesn’t change the need for a resolution, but let’s at least be honest that Palestinian nationalism is a creature of the anti-Israel movement.  Guess what word they’re calling Newt (hint, starts with an R)  (added) Newt said same thing in 2008.
  • To be continued.
  • Photo of Day.
  • Prof. Dan Shechtman, who I spotlighted earlier, picked up his Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
  • Instapoll up on which candidate is most likely to beat Obama.  Go vote!’
  • If you are shopping online, please remember my Amazon link, and other links on the Shopping Page.  It doesn’t cost you extra, but helps here.
  • They’re baaack.