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Free afternoon

Free afternoon

Tonight there will be a live blog here for the debate, starting at 9 p.m. Eastern (probably will turn it live closer to 8:30).

Until then, here’s a running list of stuff of interest:

  • Glenn Greenwald is upset that I’ve been calling him out repeatedly, so he’s trying to take my post on the drone downing out of context.  See Update.  Waaah.
  • Obama is reminding us that he needs a second term to finish the job.  You know what?  I believe him.
  • James Taranto sees the idiocy.
  • Supreme Court has taken Texas redistricting case.  Election Law Blog discusses what it all means.
  • Palestinians are furious that Newt told the truth about their history.  It doesn’t change the need for a resolution, but let’s at least be honest that Palestinian nationalism is a creature of the anti-Israel movement.  Guess what word they’re calling Newt (hint, starts with an R)  (added) Newt said same thing in 2008.
  • To be continued.
  • Photo of Day.
  • Prof. Dan Shechtman, who I spotlighted earlier, picked up his Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
  • Instapoll up on which candidate is most likely to beat Obama.  Go vote!’
  • If you are shopping online, please remember my Amazon link, and other links on the Shopping Page.  It doesn’t cost you extra, but helps here.
  • They’re baaack.


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Hot Air recently opened their commenter registration briefly and I managed to get in. I don’t intend to use it – I read the blog, but every post seems to get a thousand comments, and I won’t be posting – so, my login and password are up for sale. $1 or best offer. CASH.

I’ve got 1/10 a Euro and a Life Saver with some lint on it.

That’s about the value of a Hot Gas membership.

(Hot Gas is the latest LGF emulator btw. I.E. Make a comment they don’t appreciate or is critical of the site (but not violent or obscene) and suddenly the Ban Gestapo cuts you off. Reminiscent of Charles’ implosion)

So they’ve taken to calling Newt revolutionary? or Radical? or Rational?

No? Well let me guess that it’s usually seen being used by someone or some group that is losing an argument on the facts? Played on Saturday night?

via The Hill: Sen. Levin: Gingrich’s Palestinian stance ‘cynical,’ ‘destructive’

Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) on Saturday dubbed Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s stance that the Palestinians are an “invented” people as “cynical” and “destructive.”

Levin hit back Saturday, saying “the vast majority of American Jews — including this one — and the Israeli government … are committed to a two-state solution in which Israelis and Palestinians live side-by-side as neighbors and in peace.

Can you spell Katyusha rockets, Carl?

Thank you Prof. Jacobson for linking to my blog again. I am hugely honoured and I greatly appreciate it!

I hope your linking to my blog won’t cause you a bunch of trouble though. One of the commenters at Salon was quite nasty about your link to me, implying it makes you an Israel-firster.

I’ve hardly ever read Salon and I’ve always avoided reading Greenwald until now. And now that I’ve read one article by him, and his revolting commenters, I’m going to doubly avoid him. I only went to have a look because I saw a link in my referrer log. Oh well, at least it brought me a couple of hits :-).

    LukeHandCool in reply to anneinpt. | December 10, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    I think Greenwald and his ilk should be called “Israel Lasters.”

    Funny how that Salon commenter tries to indict you for defending your people and tries to make Professor Jacobson an accomplice in this “crime.”

    I’m not Jewish, but I’m sure Greenwald’s commenters would take one look at my blog and label me a “Firster.”

    LukeHandCool (who will never feel guilty or wrong for supporting an ally).

      Exactly this.

      Everyone forgets that Israel is a recognized sovereign country being harassed by countries around it for no reason other than it’s existence and it’s religion.

      When given a chance the Jews created a country. When given a chance the Palestinians went to war and have remained there to this day. They don’t deserve a country as they refuse to let Israel live in peace.

“Glenn Greenwald”. That sure is a name from the distant past. Back when journalists wrote news and commentators wrote commentary. Now they all want to be “journotators”. Anne’s avoidance instincts are spot on. Why waste the time?

I was disappointed in conservative columnists’ responses to Obama’s Osawatomie, Kansas speech. While I read many good pieces on it none seemed to have the outrage that the speech deserved. Are people outraged out?

When Obama gave his little bravado one-liner about killing Osama and most of the other terrorists the other day, my thoughts turned immediately to Dirty Harry. This is the result:

Dirty Barry ~ The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

As for the Coffee Pary being back … it never really existed in the first place!

LukeHandCool (who is tempted to start a Beer Party for members of the 99% who detest the 1% of the 99% who think they speak for 100% of the 99%, including the 99% of the 99% who aspire to becoming members of the 1%).

I don’t blog, and haven’t since 2003, but I comment a lot on stuff around the blogosphere. Some of my comments may seem outrageous to some folks, but they are invariably proven right. A long time ago I blogged that we had a lot to worry about because of the Muslim Triangle in South America, and I raised the possibility of an invasion of the US delineating who would do it and where they’d be coming from. Evens have now caught up to that prediction. Another comment long has been about the “Palestinians” and that there is no “Palestinian” people, only a bunch of Arabs who want to destroy Israel. Surprise, surprise! Newt Gingrich holds the same view and now the thing has entered the mainstream. Ah! The joys of thinking outside the box!