I always wondered what I would say if caught in the act of photographing someone’s bumper sticker.

Probably will go something like this, at least if in Ithaca: “Hey, love the Coexist sticker, pass the Granola,” or perhaps, “Repuglicans suck, don’t they.  Dig the Tax the Rich sticker.”

Here’s what happened to Linda in Tennessee when she was confronted:

Professor, I had just photographed a bumper sticker at an area post office
today, and a young lady approached me and said, “I see you are photographing
my bumper sticker”. That’s the first time I’ve been caught in the act.
Then, she explained that she designed the bumper sticker based on Kid Rock’s
American Badass“. I like Kid Rock’s philosophical outlook, although I’d
never actually heard the song, “American Badass”. So, in this instance, the
word “bad” together with a picture of a donkey’s hind end did not mean what
I initially thought it to mean.

She went on to explain that she is an artist and gave me two bumper
stickers. I noted that the one she gave me contained her website address,
although the one affixed to her car did not. She helpfully held up the one
with her website address over the one pasted to her car.