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Catching up

Catching up

With some links I’ve been saving but never got around to posting:

  • Wind energy industry is sucking up federal subsidies at an amazing pace, and it’s going to industry insiders.
  • Interesting article at Yale Law Journal about how impeachment is not, or at least should not be, the only way to remove federal judges.  Hmmmm.
  • Not in favor of a Sarah Palin write-in campaign.  It simply draws votes away from other not-Romneys.  If she wants to run, she should run; it’s the same way I feel about others who have opted out but who still are talked about as jumping in.
  • A sign of irritation in Wisconsin.  Nothing surprises me anymore.
  • Center for American Progress scrubbed its “Israel-Firsters” accusations.  But not to worry, Glenn Greenwald still likes the term.
  • The guy who wrote the column about selling out Taiwan for Chinese debt forgiveness now says it all was a joke.  Right.
  • New Dept. of Education guidelines boost race-based admission preferences.
  • Remember Luis Fortuño?  There’s talk about him as a possible VP nominee, but I think it’s highly unlikely.

Question of the Day:

  • Is anyone working today?  And if so, if you have one eye on this blog and the other eye on the clock, how is it that you are “working”?


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MaggotAtBroadAndWall | December 23, 2011 at 11:40 am

Which swing states can Fortuno deliver?

Rubio can deliver FL. Santorum may be able to deliver PA. Walker can probably deliver WI if the recall goes well, but the electoral college vote pickup isn’t very big with WI. Bachmann has no chance of delivering deep blue MN.

Rubio’s the only real option.

I like Fortuno’s conservatism and I hope he is offered a position in the new administration if our side wins. Appoint him to a high profile, visible position where he can develop a rational immigration/border policy to help heal the self inflicted wounds with hispanic voters that Tom Tancredo and his ilk has inflicted on the GOP.

“Peter, you seem to be missing a lot of work lately.”

“Well Bobs, I wouldn’t exactly say I’ve been missing it.”

“Is anyone working today? And if so, if you have one eye on this blog and the other eye on the clock, how is it that you are “working”?”

Because it’s the same way any other day of the week.

Romney can just follow the legal opinion of Obama’s HHS solicitor on FOIA requests and claim that the requested documents do not exist.

Sorry, that was meant for the Tax Return post…

A moment of silence at the UN for “Dear Leader.” Any moment of silence for Vaclav Havel? Nobel Peace Prize for Obama for doing nothing, for Gore for doing harm, for Arafat for murder. No Nobel Peace Prize for Vaclav Havel.

Of the man who hates, Havel wrote, “He is incapable of making a joke, only of bitter ridicule . . . . Only those who can laugh at themselves can laugh authentically.”

I doubt the aforementioned award winners and dictator can/could laugh at themselves.

Not only do alternate energy projects suck up federal dollars, they also add to your electric bill.

Check your bill next time and you’ll see a line that says something like “Solar Requirements Charge” and/or “Non-Utility Generation Charge”.

These are payments and charges that go to pay for someone generating electricity using solar and the other is for any other type of electricity generation. They are REQUIRED to purchase this electric production regardless of how much it costs.

You can thank your Representatives in 2012.

The “irritation” in Wisconsin is nothing new. It seems to be everyone is crazy one way or the other (I’m crazy against recall).

Ah, yes. The “green” technology with limited viability, which leaves in its wake a toxic environment (in China, etc.) and several hundred thousand dead birds annually in America alone. Not to mention the vast tracts of land left unusable, the similarly large capital investment, and shorter operating lifetime.

Well, it’s much like any other energy producing technology, aside from the several hundred thousand dead birds, and a peculiarly limited operational range.

It has little more general value than the “carbon credit” trading schemes.

– – –
If Palin wants to lead, then she should commit. However, the primary is an open court to judge consensus.

– – –
The guy who wrote the column about selling out Taiwan…

JournoLists follow the prevailing winds? I would have never guessed.

– – –
The DOE promotes prejudice in education. I am absolutely certain that one of the civil “rights” businesses will protest this unfortunate regurgitation of history.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Hey, it could happen… one day. But, not, apparently, anytime soon. It would have been helpful for them to qualify their conception of “progress”. The objective observer would define it as negative or regressive.

How utterly insane!