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Sell out Taiwan for debt forgiveness – Possibly the most vile NY Times Op-Ed ever

Sell out Taiwan for debt forgiveness – Possibly the most vile NY Times Op-Ed ever

Although scholars of the history of the NY Times Op-Ed pages may be able to find a more vile Op-Ed, I dare them.

From Paul Kane, a suggestion that the United States sell-out Taiwan to China in exchange for forgiveness of $1.14 trillion in debt, To Save Our Economy, Ditch Taiwan:

WITH a single bold act, President Obama could correct the country’s course, help assure his re-election, and preserve our children’s future….

He should enter into closed-door negotiations with Chinese leaders to write off the $1.14 trillion of American debt currently held by China in exchange for a deal to end American military assistance and arms sales to Taiwan and terminate the current United States-Taiwan defense arrangement by 2015.

This would be a most precious prize to the cautious men in Beijing, one they would give dearly to achieve. After all, our relationship with Taiwan, as revised in 1979, is a vestige of the cold war.

Mr. Kane identifies himself as “Paul V. Kane, a former international security fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, is a Marine who served in Iraq.”  Nice way to try cover your immoral sales pitch with your Iraq service record.

Kane’s proposal evoked this animation from the folks at the Taiwan-based NMA-TV.  My favorite line:

To be sure Washington, despite its rhetoric, could give a rat’s ass about the moral implications of abandoning the only democratic country in the Chinese-speaking world.

See, that’s the problem with translation.  Shouldn’t it be “could not give a rat’s ass …”?  In any event, we get the point, and it is correct.

It’s the same argument the people who scream “Israel Lobby” and “Israel Firsters” make as to why we should sell out Israel, and we will fight it with every political breath we have.


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“and preserve our children’s future….”

First, they came for the Taiwanese, and I said …

With the current uncontrolled spending by this government, they would have to get at least $10 trillion from the Chinese to make the deal mean something past a possible second Obama term.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | November 11, 2011 at 4:28 pm

I liked their portrayal of the NYT columnists.

They’ve got Krugman, Friedman, and MoDo all standing high on their pedestals lecturing everybody else. Krugman’s got his Nobel around his neck, Friedman’s counting the money he married into, and MoDo’s a shrieking loon whose hair is on fire.

They’ve kept their sense of humor about it.

I agree, Paul Kanes suggestion is vile. Then again, maybe he has the ear of the administration.

Blackfive has this :

“BARACK OBAMA is to announce that the US will begin rotating Marines through an Australian base in Darwin in a permanent new military presence, intensifying the alliance in a sign of heightened concern about China.”

More at:

What do you all think?”

As an Australian living in the USA my first thoughts were great. This will be good for the Darwin economy and Australia/US relations.

Then, as I read through the SMH article I read this:

”The new Chinese missiles could threaten them in a way they’ve never been able to before, so the US is starting to reposition them to make them less vulnerable. Australia’s ‘tyranny of distance’ is now a distinct strategic advantage.”

Is this a positive spin on a withdrawal from the “Tip of the spear” or maybe a 2664 mile adjusment of the trip wire strategy.

Does Darwin Australia really want to be the trip wire.

Yes, we need to hold out for much, much more than $1T. Not would Mr. Kane whore out Taiwan, he would do it on the cheap.

Scum and villainy lie at the foundation of the Times. What this man is suggesting is absolutely outrageous. I suspect he knows nothing about the tribulations the Taiwanese went through to develop their free and open society. He knows nothing about the White Terror or 2/28. Further, he knows nothing about how the Taiwanese took the gift of democracy and within a few short years set up a stable system of human rights, free elections, and peaceable transfers of power. This was done in the face of all the “experts” (I’m looking at you Lee Kuan-yew, and you Mahathir Mohamad, and most of all you, CCP) who insisted that liberal democracy was incompatible with Asian/Chinese culture. The Taiwanese have been great friends to the United States, despite getting sand kicked in their face repeatedly since 1979, yet here we have a man who ought to know better suggesting we add the freedom and rights of 23 million people to the chit we have running with the Chi-coms. It’s disgraceful and disgusting. Paul Kane should be publicly shamed for what he’s just suggested.

    KGB in reply to KGB. | November 11, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    Just wanted to add that Paul Kane, a journalist for an allegedly prestigious newspaper, is suggesting that we sacrifice an entire nation’s free press for some filthy lucre. And by printing this dreck, the editorial board of the Times agrees the proposition.

I don’t have time to read Mr. Kane’s piece at the moment, but please, please, please tell me it’s satire.

Has the other side completely lost its collective mind?

Sell out Taiwan? Then Israel … those oil-rich Arab countries could put us back in the black! Who needs democracies as friends when there are resource-rich bully countries to pal around with?

Then the Czech Republic, Poland … they don’t have any natural resources, either.

LukeHandCool (who really takes offense at the suggestion that his motherland become a whore).

Let’s send all registered Democrats to China to work in their labor camps until all the debt is paid off.

Almost every time I get into a debate with a lefty about America’s role in the world and they invariably start talking about America only being in it for herself … her selfish, evil self … the two countries I always bring up are Taiwan and Israel.

They have no natural resources. Their enemies have tons. Why do we support them?

Few things make me as proud to be an American as our country’s support of Taiwan and Israel. The right thing to do.

LukeHandCool (who is now running very late and feels aggravated).

next thing you know Obama will be auctioning off israel to the highest bidder between iran and saudi arabia…

    I would say Obama has already sold out Isreal, excapt that I think “gave away” is more accurate.

      beloved2 in reply to Owen J. | November 11, 2011 at 6:01 pm

      Why do you think Obama federalized all that land in multiple states in 2010? My guess is that he plans to give it away to the Chinese. Taiwan now, next is Israel, then Arizona and New Mexico. Who is going to complain?
      “…Obama Administration Makes Attempt to Seize Millions of Acres Across America
      Wednesday, March 3, 2010 3:50 pm | By Caitlin Blaney

      Republicans in Congress have recently become more vocal against some of the irrational policies of the Obama Administration, and Senator Jim DeMint (R – SC) is no exception. His op-ed appeared in the Washington Times on Tuesday calling for the White House to stop the incessant land-grabs across the nation. Senator DeMint argues that, aside from bringing large areas of land under federal control for no apparent reason, the land-grab actually takes potential jobs out of the market…”

Captain Obvious | November 11, 2011 at 5:29 pm

“despite it’s rhetoric”
I never bother with an opinion when it’s not distinguishing between its it’s.

So what are the Chinese characters for “rat’s ass”?

I’ve seen “Hegemonic Boss Dragon” — the phase that the PRC’s press sometimes uses to refer to the USA — but not “rat’s ass”.

Thank you, NY Times.

You just made our grassroots 2012 voter outreach program in the Taiwanese and Cantonese community in Flushing, NY much, MUCH easier.

I predict they won’t sell out Taiwan for less than $1.5 trillion. Obama has his price, you know…

obviously Mr. Obama does not know the meaning of the word “PALS”

Subotai Bahadur | November 11, 2011 at 8:41 pm

In the Chinese idiom, the New York Times and the Democratic Party are as close as lips and teeth. While what they say is usually, if not necessarily, Democrat White House policy; it is the policy that the White House wishes in its heart of hearts that it could get through. If you were an Asian ally of the United States, with the technical capability to deploy nuclear weapons; what disincentive would you now have not to do so? Fear of being abandoned?

Luke Hand Cool

1) It is not satire.
2) In the minds of Those Who Are No Longer Our Countrymen, it is a cold and serious calculation that makes sense from a non-American viewpoint.
3) They already consider our country to be a whore, and Obama to be the long legged mack daddy. And our country is as expendable to them, as any individual whore is to the LLMD.

Subotai Bahadur

I thought the NYT could not become more disgusting, and then this.

While one could argue, such as Ron Paul, that we should not have involvement in Taiwan the fact is that we have been. To suddenly stop would be a tragedy that would make the civilian death toll of WWII look like a bad Saturday night in DC.

To suggest that we should SELL the people of Taiwan out for any amount is a scandal. The honor-less son of a bitch who would suggest it in my presence would severely test my self-control. A lying, hypocritical scumbucket publication like the NYT can get away with such by dint of distance and history.

I know that the “newspaper of record” isn’t worth my time, outside of the recipes I scavenge online.

Insufficiently Sensitive | November 12, 2011 at 12:29 am

As one who has a close relative living in Taiwan, partaking of its vibrant economy and artistic life, the thought that some mindless ‘intellectual’ has the connections to publish this sordid screed is as repulsive as it gets.

Only the New York Times owns such moral turpitude. Only the paper of Walter Duranty could be so careless with the lives of 23 million people – that’s four times the death toll of Stalin’s enforced starvation in Ukraine, which the NYT covered up for political gain.

Maybe he thinks it’s a great deal. Trading $1.14 trillion for the lives of 23 million foreigners works out to China acquiring that population for a mere $49,500 per person.

It won’t fly. China values its population at about one-ten thousandth of that figure, and they would feel sorely ripped off by such extravagance.

It is truly vile and disgusting that a US Marine would suggest this kind of scummy whoredom. Walter Duranty must be chortling in hell at seeing this column. About what would expect from a grad of the Kennedy Center at Harvard.
Of course, this dolt Kane fails to realize that the first response of Taiwan to this traitorious action would be the fast acquisition of nuclear weaponss.

New take on an old bumper sticker:

Free Tibet … we’ll give you Taiwan instead!

    Deekaman in reply to LukeHandCool. | November 12, 2011 at 8:16 am

    “Free Tibet…Taiwan will cost you $1.14 trillion”

    Deekaman (who is always educated and amused by comments from LukeHandCool )

      William A. Jacobson in reply to Deekaman. | November 12, 2011 at 8:33 am

      I think we’re going to have to put a stop to this LukeHandCool-omania. Little known fact – he types using a teleprompter.

      LukeHandCool in reply to Deekaman. | November 12, 2011 at 12:26 pm


      The feeling is mutual Deekaman! I learn a lot and laugh a lot reading the comments from LI’s commenters. Best blog commenters around!

      Professor, that’s true, but I’m the one who programs the teleprompter!

      I still can’t believe this Op-Ed … I’m going to print it out and give it to the nice Taiwanese ladies who work on our floor … ask them to pass it around their community. I emailed it to a Taiwanese friend from grad school and he replied, “WTF?? Is this for real??”

      How pathetic a sizable chunk of our citizenry is becoming. We’ve got to slap some sense into them and make them snap out of it.

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | November 12, 2011 at 3:36 am

I’m sure this has already been mentioned, but this is nothing compared to the betrayal of Yugoslavia, by the Western Allies of France and Great Britain, to Hitler at the Munich accords, as well as Poland, which they would later regret with cringing stupidity..

When will the Western Democracies ever learn.. as they love to play, give away another Nation’s sovereignty, and assurance of alliance, like they owned it, to a dictatorship regime, for some token of appeasement..


Taiwan should be more selective in making “friends”.

But seriously, this is exactly why we should “avoid foreign (financial) entanglements”.

@TeaPartyPatriot4ever; Holmes, that was Czechoslovakia, not Yugoslavia.

As for Poland in 1945, it was not only occupied by the Soviets, but well behind their front lines. I ask how Poland could have been saved at that time, short of starting a new war.

More analysis, and less fervor, please. 🙂

And Deekaman? How can we avoid foreign financial “entanglements” without a complete cessation of international trade? You obviously miss the point that this would not have come about had the United States acted the complete wastrel for several decades.

In any case I doubt the Times article connects to any actual plans from the current administration. I expect Barry would apologize to China, then “return” Taiwan for free in expiation for our imperialist running-dog past.

Zelsdorf Ragshaft III | November 12, 2011 at 3:54 pm

What do you expect from whores? The left has no moral compass and will sell anything for money. They long ago sold their souls.