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Ben Nelson, the farewell song

Ben Nelson, the farewell song

Democratic Senator Ben Nelson from Nebraska negotiated the now infamous “Cornhusker Kickback” payoff from Obama for Nelson’s vote in favor of Obamacare.

The payoff was an embarrassment for the people of Nebraska, as I noted at the time.  One Nebraska family care physician wrote an open letter to Nelson:

As a family practice physician in Small Town, Nebraska, I was counting on you to be the lone voice of Democratic sanity on this issue, but you sold me out.  I will dedicate every spare minute of my time and every spare dollar I have to defeating you, should you run for re-election.

Along with the Louisiana Purchase, it was a particularly seedy and shameless sell out of the nation.

Nelson is up for reelection in 2012, and it is unclear whether he will run.  Democrats see Nelson running as the only hope to keep the seat, and there is talk that Governor Dave Heineman may run which would put the seat in play according to recent polling.

Reader Chris, a Nebraska physician and sometimes video producer, sent me this video farewell to Nelson:

As E. Benjamin Nelson ponders his political fate, I though I would send out a
reworking of a tune from our 2010 medical society show. Ben was in attendance
and was a pretty good sport as we did this tune and had a pizza delivered to his

Hopefully Nelson will spare everyone the trouble and retire; if not, Nebraskans should kick back at him and kick him out.

(Be sure to check out Chris’ prior One Single Payer System video.)


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Boot Ben! I’m in.

There is a lot of dissatisfaction in Nebraska with Senator Nelson, enough that I think the seat is in play whoever the GOP nominates. The recruiting of Gov. Heineman by the national GOP is hot in the local press, but I think Attorney General Bruning, former State Treasurer Sternberg, or State Senator Fischer are all well positioned to win next November.

And it does seem right that Senator Nelson is the only hope the Democrat Party has. There aren’t many liberals in the state well known enough to do well outside of Omaha and Lincoln, and most of them are busy trying to run Omaha. It’s where the liberals and the tax dollars are.

Good work, Dr Chris, on the farewell video for the rat, Ben Nelson. How apropos!

It’s going to be a busy election year for those paying attention.

Wordsson, thanks for details from the front.

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Heh heh! After the good doctor’s surgery, Ben’s been rendered a political paraplegic.

The dirtbag was spamming me, I had to block his stupid campaign emails. I’m not even a D word.