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Bachmann SC Tea Party supporters walk back her “money is changing hands” accusation

Bachmann SC Tea Party supporters walk back her “money is changing hands” accusation

This is the video of Michele Bachmann accusing Tea Party members, not just in South Carolina but “all across the country,” of taking money from Gingrich for endorsements, which I referenced in my post Friday:

The Bachmann SC Tea Party Coalition Leaders has issued a statement all but apologizing for the accusation, pointing to a single instance where a Tea Party leader also worked for the Gingrich campaign, and noting that it regretted the innuendo:

However, there is a difference between attacking the record of a Washington insider and spreading innuendo among members of the movement. Much is at stake. We will not support or engage in comments designed to cause dissension within the movement, and regret that our concerns regarding recent TEA party endorsements of Newt Gingrich have been used to this effect….

As friends and allies in the movement for liberty, we apologize for calling into question the character, rather than the judgment and objectivity, of the Myrtle Beach Tea Party leadership.

It’s not a full-on apology for Bachmann’s accusations, but it is an indication that there is nothing to the accusations.

I’m still waiting to hear the evidence of  “money changing hands” in South Carolina and “all across the country” as alleged by Bachmann and no Congresswoman Bachmann, it is not sexist to call you out on it.


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Wow, that’s some smarmy flapping at the mouth.

“And when they came upon me to eat up my flesh, it was they, my foes and adversaries, who stumbled and fell.” – Psalm 27

How sharp is that? Not thinking it through enough to realize that corruption involves two parties?

Wanting to take Tea Party support away from Gingrich and bring it to herself, Bachmann accuses both of corruption.

With that kind of smart power, Bachmann would clearly be a good addition to the White House. The current one.

Definitely a pattern with Bachmann. I supported her early on and was outraged at the creepy Newsweek cover implying that she was nuts, but who knew? If she thinks Romney will pick her for VP, she’d delusional.

I figure she heard it, just like she heard an accusation that vaccines cause autism. People will say any old damn thing without evidence. She’s just a bit too ready to pass on what amounts to gossip.

Hearing it all across the country is one thing. Repeating that you have been hearing it is another. Telling people that she doesn’t do business that way is more then implying that Newt does in fact do that.

Michelle Bachmann is not a simple person by any means. She is underhanded and duplicitous. She has been quite willing to inflict injury on others because she clearly looks upon the endeavor of running for office as one in which she must take the other candidates down – and not by direct means or in contrasting her positions with the positions of others. Instead, she is quite willing to light fires of innuendo and trump up or greatly exaggerate half truths and allow her underlings to do the same in the darkness of back rooms – with much more then her tacit approval.

Her behavior is shameful and we do not need more people that are willing to twist facts (like: the Republicans want dirtier air and water)and completely misrepresent the positions of others (like: the Republicans want women to die on the table).

If Bachmann can’t simply run on her record and she can’t honestly confront her opponents – what then is she but more of the contagion in Washington DC that we are trying to eradicate?

I think Bachmann is just a little ticked that the Tea Party hasn’t flocked to her campaign like, in her opinion, they should have. She expected she would be the beneficiary of the Palin/Cain support once they were out of the picture. Not happening, babe.

I tried to warn people when I first saw her SC spokesman was Wes Donohue. Any reporter who repeats a quote from that guy without triple-checking deserves to be shot, then sued for libel.

In the fetid, corrupt swamp that is South Carolina, Donohue is the lowest, bottom-feeding scum that isn’t named Harpootlian.