This is the video of Michele Bachmann accusing Tea Party members, not just in South Carolina but “all across the country,” of taking money from Gingrich for endorsements, which I referenced in my post Friday:

The Bachmann SC Tea Party Coalition Leaders has issued a statement all but apologizing for the accusation, pointing to a single instance where a Tea Party leader also worked for the Gingrich campaign, and noting that it regretted the innuendo:

However, there is a difference between attacking the record of a Washington insider and spreading innuendo among members of the movement. Much is at stake. We will not support or engage in comments designed to cause dissension within the movement, and regret that our concerns regarding recent TEA party endorsements of Newt Gingrich have been used to this effect….

As friends and allies in the movement for liberty, we apologize for calling into question the character, rather than the judgment and objectivity, of the Myrtle Beach Tea Party leadership.

It’s not a full-on apology for Bachmann’s accusations, but it is an indication that there is nothing to the accusations.

I’m still waiting to hear the evidence of  “money changing hands” in South Carolina and “all across the country” as alleged by Bachmann and no Congresswoman Bachmann, it is not sexist to call you out on it.