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Attack ad?

Attack ad?

Hard to know if the Democratic National Committee thinks it’s hurting Newt with this, or helping him (video h/t ElectAd).

I do think they’re trying to frame Gingrich’s image now that he’s the frontrunner, consistent with the DNC’s reaction at the debate last night:


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Fascinating! Now, Newt’s Hope is that the DNC continues to praise him as it did in the ad you put into this post. Wow, Newt might become the unity candidate, supported by both major political parties. Wow, just plain wow!

The DNC made a pro-Newt ad? Let them spend their money promoting one of our candidates. Positively brilliant. Thank you, DNC!

This is too soon to be used in any negative way. If anything this give Newt time to plaster over it all.

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Dear DNC,

perhaps this is news to you, millions of dems are now ex-dems and now independents, and we are supporters of the Tea Party movement, you know us bitter clinging Reagan dems that Barry loves to make fun off and look down on us with disdain and disgust.

By all means ignore the racism, violence, anti-americanism at the OWS and continue to make up lies and insult the Tea party. (MSM, you as well, since you are all part of each other)

–signed a disgusted ex-democrat

Newt should pay the DNC for this “attack ad”.

This ad makes Newt look pretty good.





Good Lord, Newt Gingrich really *is* the smartest guy in the room! He’s got Democrat voters paying for his campaign ads!

Midwest Rhino (not RINO) | December 11, 2011 at 11:55 am

Rasmussen has those that want less government/lower taxes at around 65-70%. That is the real Tea Party.

Of course the left and big media think they have successfully caricatured and demonized the Tea Party as ignorant racists, bitter clingers, etc.

I think they have not … people want less government. This ad gives Newt some real support, as I see it, whether intended or not.

they made a faulty assumption: they assumed that their campaign to demonize the tea party was successful. they must have concluded this because all the people they hang out with hate the tea party. the tea party is bad; newt is the tea party; ergo, newt is bad.

what morons they are.

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Newt Gingrich sounds like he’s all about encouraging Americans to make money again. Sounds good to me.

I wonder if the DNC thinks people are enjoying this era of pessimism, deprivation and desperation. I know I don’t.

I look forward to some OWS tinted anti-Obama ads to counter this. Should be plenty of OWS quotes/images to throw right back at the Dems, connected to Obama.

I suspect this ad is supposed to scare the simple-minded into staying on the Democrat plantation.

    alan markus in reply to alan markus. | December 11, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    I should have looked at the post closer – it’s product of the DNC. Deb Wasserman Schultz is the Chairwoman. Explains why this is a skanky ad.

Remember Nancy Pelosi’s infamous request? “To my Republican friends: take back your party, so it won’t matter so much who wins.” I guess Newt figured she was talking to him.

Newt Gingrich, who played strong roles in passing the Taxpayer Relief Act of 97 and in the repeal of Glass Stegall, is as directly responsible for the current economic mess as any single person who served in elected office during the past 20 years.

I understand he’s finally admitted Glass Steagall should never have been repealed. Now he needs to own the housing gold rush, and the gutting of Americans’ homes as a method of securing a financially stable old age.

You know what, I just figured out what this add is about…

This IS an attack on Newt – but you have to think about it from the underhanded Democrat angle.

There are people out there, especially overly-vocal people proclaiming themselves Tea Partiers, who do not support Newt at all.

So the DNC has two options – run similar adds to the ones everyone else will run anyway. Or…

Run an add proclaiming him Tea Party and hope it sends those vocal Tea Party types over the edge.

Its a trap – and just watch, Bachmann will fall for it hook, line and sinker almost instantly.

They are using this add to divide the Tea Party and the populous. They want us fighting with each-other, and this is the kind of thing which will have us bickering over “what Tea Party is” and, in their eyes, ideally lead to a “Tea Party against Newt” movement.

Already you are seeing Beck-supporters running around calling him “Big Government Progressive” (based off Glenns idiotic statements) on countless threads – this type of add is geared at taking that to a much higher level.

I hope others figure this out, and don’t fall for what is clearly bait aimed at having the TeaParty/GOP destroy Newt for Obama so he keeps his hands clean.

Luckily, 50% of Tea Party people are behind Newt at this time; so it might backfire. But make no mistake, this IS an attack, and its of the most disgusting kind…

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This ad is meant to get newt TEA party support as the dems want him as the nominee. I am sure they have so much baggage on Newt they would love to run against him.I am tired of Newt being held up as the TEA Party savior. I remember him being less than positive about the TEA party back in August 2010 and before that, when he wasn’t running for President. He gave half-hearted support at best and was very much like the rest of the RINO establishment hoping that the TEA party would fall in line or go away and stop rocking the boat.

i have no doubt that the dems think that this ad is chock-full of scary stuff about newt. they really do believe that encouraging private enterprise, reducing spending, and lowering taxes are BAD things.