As you know, I’m wary of PolitiFact, particularly the inconsistency with which the various participating newspapers apply ratings.

But hey, when it works for us, why not use it, Lie of the Year 2011: ‘Republicans voted to end Medicare’.  The timing could not be better.  Paul Krugman says PolitiFact is dead to him.  Matt Yglsesias calls Politifact’s story the Lie of the Year.

Some other stuff:

  • I had breakfast this morning with Barry Hinckley, the likely Republican nominee challenging Sheldon Whitehouse for Senate in Rhode Island.  I was very impressed.  I’ll have more, probably next week.  Consider a donation now if you are in a giving mood.
  • A lot of people want me to write about Holder playing the race card.  Give me time, like until Saturday night.  (I know it’s Christmas eve, would it be sacrilegious to run a Saturday Night Card Game on Christmas Eve?)
  • House rejects Senate 2-month FICA holiday.  Senators should get their rear ends back to D.C. and Obama should cancel his vacation.
  • Ron Paul no longer is useful as a Newt foil, so attack!
  • Mitt Romney speaks out against the evil of SuperPACS (you mean like the one running millions of dollars in attack ads against Newt?)  He says he can’t coordinate and so can’t tell them to stop (which I think is true) but he can express his displeasure and denounce what they are doing.  But that would be, shall we say, not helpful to his campaign.
  • If Syria isn’t already in civil war, it’s pretty close.
  • Meghan McCain is going after Calista Gingrich.  Maybe she should be going after her mother, instead: “Cindy McCain began dating Sen. McCain in 1979, nearly a year before he filed for divorce from his first wife, Carol McCain.”  Would that be mean?
  • Who coulda seen this coming:

Update:  Finally