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RI – Senate ’12

RI – Senate ’12

Seat held by Dem. Sheldon Whitehouse. Barry Hinckley, a successful businessman, is the only Republican to declare so far, This is a long shot flip, but worth the effort because Whitehouse is so offensive, and not particularly popular at home.

Republican Candidate: Barry Hinckley, (R)

For a prior post on Hinckley, see A First Challenger for Sheldon Whitehouse.

Whitehouse is one of the most aggressive Democrats in the Senate, and a frequent focus here for his attacks on the Tea Party movement, and his successful push for a controversial judicial nominee.  Here are some of my prior posts about Whitehouse:


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Anyone but Whitehouse should be an improvement. Whitehouse represents everything that is wrong with RI.

Hopefully, the electorate of the the state will wake up and replace ’em all…