How often have we heard that portraying Obama as out of touch with the American people constitutes a racially tinged and undertoned use of Otherness?

Just the other day Rick Perry was accused of invoking Otherness when he said Obama had been privileged:

Rick Perry, seeking to paint  President Obama with an “otherness” brush from most Americans, described  him in terms that aren’t usually used to describe him: “Privileged.”

So what to make of this brutal takedown of Obama by none other than Chris Matthews (who by the way had called on Obama to release his birth certificate).

If this isn’t an attempt to use Otherness, then what is? (h/t Verum Serum):

I don’t have a sense that he’s ever had a meeting.  I hear stories that you will not believe, not a single phone call since the last election.  They don’t call, he never calls, that’s the message.  Members of Congress, I keep asking, when did you hear from him last?  He doesn’t like their company.


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