Jennifer Rubin needs an intervention.  Someone needs to convince her to stop beclowning herself in the Mittquest, Gingrich: The phony intellectual:

When many in the mainstream media and far too many conservatives who should know better swoon over [Newt’s] pronouncements, the cannier on the right and left justifiably roll their eyes in disgust. Gingrich’s mind  is an attic of  throwaway, unusable and downright goofy ideas, piled high like newspapers in the room of a troubled subject on “Hoarders.” The volume is great, the quality is shoddy.

Puhlese, Shudder.

Ace, who has been no fan of Newt, sums it up nicely:

Update: Jennifer Rubin’s Romneyphilia Under Attack (via Protein Wisdom):

But to pretend that Rubin’s continual swipes at others (Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Rick Perry) are anything other than her inability to control a serious case of Establishment-media approved Romneyphilia is not something that will be allowed by her readers.

Take a look at the comments following her latest rip on Mr. Gingrich.


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