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Video Clip of the Night from what’s his name

Video Clip of the Night from what’s his name

Wolf Blitzer started the night by confirming that Wolf really was his first name.

In the introductory statements, Mitt Romney confirmed that Mitt was his first name.

Except that it’s not, it’s Willard. Which leads to the Tweet of the Night from @AshleyRParker:



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So it’s Ratso Romney?

Or Romney, the Ratso RINO?

Midwest Rhino (not RINO) | November 22, 2011 at 10:37 pm

So now we know what happens when Mitt goes off script. He gets his first name wrong, but presentation was presidential … and his hair was puuuurrfect.

I know that the ads plugged into what I see are Google’s fault, not Professor Jacobson’s.

Still, I get impulses that are hard to combat when I see the smug mug of Alan Grayson smirking up at me from the monitor. The Committee to re-elect him should post something less offensive if they want him back in office. An image of a bed bug, cockroach, genital wart or Herpes outbreak might be less offensive.

I’ve clicked on the “Grayson” ad displayed on the LI blog many many times in the understanding that that builds revenue of the good professor.

If my understanding is wrong, well the intent was good, so kindly let me know and my understanding will be corrected.

Even if wrong, clicking on that ad from this website is good in that it allows the DNC’s version of the “burning man” to built up a false confidence that he’s popular.

Still, it’s getting more and more difficult to stomach seeing that fool’s ugly face. However, maybe clicking on that ad from here is costing Grayson more money, at least I hope so.

Speaking of the Grayson ad, what’s with all this BS about asking for $5, and Obama asking for $3, for God’s sake. How transparent is that. A. They want to suck you in and keep hitting you up for money from now until Hell freezes over, and B. they’re just trolling your contact info for their databases, so they can spam you more effectively… let’s get real, they don’t care one whit about a $3 donor. $3,000, even that ain’t nuthin’.