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Things I never thought I’d say

Things I never thought I’d say

Is it worth taking a look at Jon Huntsman, who I long ago dismissed as a media creation and someone who filled space at the debates, with an “if I wanted to vote for Mitt Romney I’d vote for Mitt Romney” attitude?

What got me thinking about this was this tweet last night from Dana Loesch:

Here’s the video linked by Loesch in the tweet:

I’m not seriously considering Huntsman, in part because of what you told me, but should I be?


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I saw Huntsman in some media blip last week and thought to my self that he was a better choice then what I first thought. One thing for sure it’s ABO.

I’m not sure which of the ruling class I intend to vote for — yes, ABO, but the problem in politics is that you could do the same commercial for any one of them. The nature of the politician is pandering to the audience of the moment. The other problem is that when someone’s thinking matures or changes by circumstance, it may appear that they have flipped, but you lose the context of the change.

The nice thing about a candidate like Perot years ago was that even though he was mad as a hatter, he was running on his own terms — he wasn’t a career politician and part of the ruling class. I had hopes that Cain might be like that, but his star is fading now that the ruling class caught up to him with a truckload of mud (which is a whole ‘nother problem).

Interesting ad. I have a feeling it will stick. Doesn’t help Huntsman, but it is very effective.

The nice thing about the Cain/Gingrich debate last night was the absence of this circular firing squad.

Second look at Huntsman? No.

Second look at the person that put together this ad…. Could be.

Professor, we should all consider any serious candidate. I like the idea that you ask for our opinions, but you need to do the research yourself. Read the websites. Consider the ideas. Decide who best fits your idea of who should lead America.

Huntsman has some fine ideas, but he also likes Big Government, what with his support of Cap and Trade,etc. He spends more time attacking other candidates than promoting his ideas, and that is a big negative for me; that tactic will not work in the General, certainly won’t be helpful in Office and the Primary is your audition.

So far he’s been pretty good at proposing detailed plans that have to work their way through the Legislature, and attacking his rivals. What was it about Obama you were looking to improve upon again?

As with most conservatives, I could only vote for Huntsman if he ran against Obama. But it would be as ugly as voting for McCain. Huntsman, to me, is no different than voting for Hillary. He is so out of touch with the Republican Party he should be a member of the DNC.

IMAHO: We have two co-joined objectives for the Nov. 6, 2012, elections and they are: Elect a Conservative candidate for president (ABO!) and also elect a Conservative Republican majority of senators. We ran Dole in 1996 because is was his time. We ran McCain in 2008 because it was his time. We can’t afford to have that kind of decision guiding the GOP nomination process for 2012. If either Romney or Huntsman were to be the GOP nominee, I’d vote for that person and but also pray we regain the Senate and keep the House; which would be unlikely with Mitt or Jon unless the heavens were actually on our side this time.

It would be much better if we actually have a good strong conservative GOP nominee and while my first preference isn’t running, yet, there are a couple of good strong conservatives still in the race.

Note that Dana said “I’m not leaning towards you”. That seems to be a polite way of saying there’s way too much I disagree with you on to seriously consider you as a candidate.

p1cunnin is right, you could do an ad like this on practically any candidate. Hell, you could do an hour long program on Obama talking out of both sides of his mouth alone. These little clips, some probably taken out of context, are no way to decide whom to vote for. I don’t think Romney is even close to a great candidate, but I’ll vote for him in a heartbeat over Obama. And that goes for Perry, Cain, and the rest of them.

workingclass artist | November 6, 2011 at 12:40 pm

Must be a slow news sunday. I don’t know where Dana Loesch has been but the Perry campaign has been running ads about Mitt along a similar vein since shortly after he entered the race.


man I thought my meds were messing with me this morning, now I wonder if you took a double dose of them.

sure if you like the way things are right now vote for the candidate msnbc LOVES.

count me out of that one though 🙂

Subotai Bahadur | November 6, 2011 at 12:42 pm

With all due respect, despite being technically a Republican, he is and has been functionally a Democrat since he took Obama’s version of the “King’s Shilling” [the “Caliph’s Riyal“?]. He reserves his fire exclusively for his “fellow” Republicans [not that I don’t strongly appreciate his fire against Romney, who the Institutionals want to cram down our throats to be the next McCain] and he is on record praising Obama in terms that would have made Mao blush during the Great Cultural Revolution. I have yet to hear him criticize anything the Federal government has done since January 2009, nor make any case as to why he would do anything differently or better than Obama.

This is not the man who will lead the charge against the Left. This is a Pierre Laval or Vidkun Quisling, not a Montrose or a Jebe Noyon.

Subotai Bahadur

[…] conservative friends have come away with a much more positive view of the entire field, and are now seriously reconsidering candidates deemed unacceptable before. In my view, the biggest loser is the Mainstream Media, who will no longer be able to stage […]

Huntsman is Chris Matthews’ idea of what a Republican should be. In other words, he’s a moderate Democrat with an R after his name.

The only reason anyone would look again at Huntsman is if Romney and Huntsman were the only two remaining primary candidates. Then, we could debate which of the two would be less of a disaster.

Still though, ABO, no matter who gets the nomination we need to back him fully. Four more years of Obama would be a national catastrophe.

William A. Jacobson | November 6, 2011 at 12:14 pm

Sorry but didn’t make time change on blog before some posts and comments so order may be off. Never had to worry about that at Blogger.

No, you shouldn’t. Huntsman’s uncritical acceptance of anthropogenic global warming alone should disqualify him from being president. Under a President Huntsman, a disaster-in-waiting like Waxman-Markey might well have passed.

Huntsman, no. Gingrich, maybe.

Huntsman sits right along Ron Paul as a GOP candidate I would not vote for under any circumstances. I couldn’t overtly vote for Obama but I could/would not vote for POTUS if either of these two were the GOP nominee.

Unelectable, don’t waste your precious time even discussing.
One year countdown to next years election starts today, 366 days !!

Midwest Rhino (not RINO) | November 6, 2011 at 12:37 pm

I remember Huntsman recently mocking the other conservative candidates for not committing to “fixing” global warming.

AGW is a farce supported by the IPCC’s hand picked young liberal activists, posing as the top scientists. Gingrich and Mitt also need to tell us where they stand on this.
The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert

That is a recent book exposing the IPCC’s “top scientists” as mostly youthful activists. 20 pages or so are available for free through the free Kindle for PC, or just the Amazon blurbs are enough to make you go “hmmmm”. Jon, Mitt and Newt need to read it and then explain how they ever decided to support Cap and Tax.

Why we should ever trust their judgment again, if they were/are willing to destroy our economy based on such shoddy and partisan pseudo science. And where do they stand on setting aside almost all government jobs and contracts for the unions?

Co-opting movements seems to be the in thing, which might be how we get McCain or a Romney/Huntsman. Real conservatives that aren’t either too far right or too “Christian” don’t seem to get traction. Cain seems like an outsider, but besides his shakiness and age, he also has three years as a lobbyist, roaming the Gucci Gulch halls of congress, chatting up congressmen for favors.

Santorum? Johnson? Johnson I liked, but didn’t seem up to speed when he had his chance “in the middle” with Brett Baier. Buehler? Anybody? Anybody? lol

I used to agree with ABO, but no more. I refuse to vote for Romney. Huntsman should know Romney very well because he’s just another RINO too. His crush on O left a very bad taste in my mouth.

I say, let’s take a look at Bob Dole.

Oh dear. No. Step away from the Huntsman koolaid. It’s flavored very like the BO variety. :/

In the beginning of the election season the media was pushing Huntsman. For that reason alone I would not vote for him…unless by some horrible chance he is the nominee it would then be ABO. But he is a crony of obama. Obama named him ambassado to China. China is not some unimportant berth for mega donors.

Ay, caramaba! Now I know the good professor has a mischievous sense of humor…