That’s how Ben Smith describes what he used to do at Politico.  (BTW, I’ve always distinguished bloggers at Politico from the news operation.)

He’s now transformed, as of today, his personal blog at Politico into a mini whatever, with his own staff, a mechanism he sees as the future:

As this cycle has worn on, the dusty old form of the personal political blog has required some updating. Twitter has replaced any individual blog as the place the political conversation plays out, freeing me racing to report something everyone’s now watching on the livestream and pushing me toward scoops and analysis. Other successful bloggers — from Andrew Sullivan to Michelle Malkin, Chris Cillizza to Ezra Klein — have been edging in different ways toward institutionalizing what works, staffing up and formalizing their beats to better serve their audiences.

I agree that Twitter is where it is happening for breaking news, but not for content.  I often find out about events on Twitter before any MSM outlet has reported.  You can’t move at the speed of Twitter alone or even with a big organization.

There will always be a place for dusty old personal political blogs.  I hope.

As for Legal Insurrection, Phase 2 is coming soon.  Really.