I knew groups like Think Progress would be out there trying to paint the mentally deranged environmental activist who took hostages as a right-winger (because all extreme environmentalists are right -wingers, after all), and it did.

But not even Think Progress sunk to the level of PhilipWeiss, who used the incident to continue his anti-“Israel Lobby” jihad, The Israel lobby will be televised

How could Weiss possibly drag the evil Israel Lobby into this?  Well, when you are used to putting two and two together and getting five, anything is possible:

For the better part of an hour this afternoon, during the hostage crisis at the Discovery channel HQ in Silver Spring, MD, CNN featured commentary by Aaron Cohen, who was described as a trainer of Israeli commandoes.  Cohen repeatedly explained how Israel handles such situations. When the anchor asked whether the police could just wait till the guy wears down, Cohen said that in “terrorist” situations people don’t just wear down. So an advocate for one side in a terrible cycle of violence is given a platform on American television.

A nut takes people hostage, and all Weiss can think to do is use it for Israel and Israel-supporter bashing just because an Israeli appeared on television? Max Fisher very charitably called Weiss “work[ing] hard for this.”

I have to admit, I never saw the Israel Lobby angle to the story.  What exactly would have been the opposing viewpoint to the Israeli anti-terrorism expert?

Now I get it.  CNN should have had a terrorist on the show to balance the Israeli anti-terrorist expert.

Or maybe Philip Weiss could have filled in until a terrorist could be found and brought to the studio, with live field reports from Walt and Mearsheimer.

Oh, by the way, the answer to the headline question is “nothing.”

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