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Politico now owns most misleading headline ever

Politico now owns most misleading headline ever

The woman who accused Herman Cain of something and got a check from the National Restaurant Association is refusing to provide any details of her complaint even though the NRA released her from her confidentiality agreement.

I repeat.  The woman will not provide any facts or details, will not speak to the media, will not allow her name to be used, will not allow her attorney to use her name, will not do anything to shed light on her claims or what happened other than to have her attorney stand by that which she will not discuss or explain.

So how does Politico spin this refusal to break her silence?  Herman Cain allegation: Accuser breaks silence:


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MaggotAtBroadAndWall | November 4, 2011 at 5:31 pm


Headline may be premature. This frees the alleged victim to sign a book deal contract with a lefty book publisher. We’ve seen this scenario played out before.

It was evidence all along that the “victim” was reluctant to go public with this but was willing to let it leak out without undergoing public scrutiny.

The attorney’s statement sounds like the outline for an upcoming book. Possibility as future press conference featuring the “victims” and Joel Bennett along with the lefty publisher.

Remember this: “Never interrupt the enemy when he is in the process of making a mistake.”

They’re slowly sinking to the level of Think Progress.

The proponents of this story are slow walking it. This is like what Andrew Brietbart did to Rep. Weiner. Dribble a bit out. Wait for the target to make statements and come out with the next thing. If you don’t think you’ll eventually see these women doing television interviews (where they can get a pay day), you are crazy.

When you think that Politico couldn’t be any more of a useful idiot for the Left they prove there are even deeper gutters they will troll.

Tomorrow’s headline: Cain Accuser Defeats Truman

Politico –> A Piece of $hit. (apologies for the cursing)

I have never seen such nonsense. Who the hell would take them seriously after this?

    Anchovy in reply to alex. | November 4, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    The Columbia School of Journalism?

    alex in reply to alex. | November 4, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    and I’d like to add, I used to love reading the Politico when it first started, the Chuckster, that’s right Chuck Todd, who used to be at c-span went as a senior political analyst over at the Politico, before he was at MSDNC. The Politico tended to be much more of a journalistic type publication.

    Now, I really consider them a piece of trash.

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Politico publishes 90 stories on Cain scandal in 5 days

34 on Fast and Furious in 8 months? …using Politico’s site search

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I work in a supervisory position with county government in California. By law, I have to endure sexual harassment “training” every 2 years.

Big take away? All cards are in favor of “accuser” because intent means nothing, perception is everything. Best practice is never act in any sort of casual or friendly matter or discuss anything other than business at hand.

Is it any wonder that this kind of American-style sharia has made people not enjoy going to work any more.

Now that this has blown up in the faces of the anti-conservative establishment, the next tool in the Rove toolbox due to be pulled out is “Cain is the guy the Democrats DREAM of running against.”

These attacks come from the Republican side of the aisle, not the Dems. How else to explain that the nuttiest of the nuttiness comes from “conservative” blogs like Riehl World View and Red State?

What was the Movie witg the
“Follow The Money!” ?
Suppose the accuser was angling for an exclusive jackpot but just got deflated by the NRA release??

I did really enjoy the Mark Levin hit on Politico this evening for the playing this cattoy game about Cain but ignoring the descrimination and sexual charges of the Gay guy against Jesse Jackson.

The underlying main complaint against Cain at this point is that he and his campaign organization don’t have a Clinton grade “I’m guilty therefore I need to focus on how bad the victim was” Spinmeister. Thankfully.

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I was negative about Politico from 2008 election till a month ago. Then I found out about its links to WaPo. I have to remind myself that the Columbia School of Journalism was started by Progressives who ‘went underground’ at the end of
“The Progressive Era” when it failed miserably with the Wilson Administration.

Lest any contemporary GOP Moderates think “Progressives” is a feature of “The Democrat Party” they need to know it was a 50/50 split from the 1911 REPUBLICAN PARTY that with the 1912 Election created the……..poop…we are enduring today.

Well, now we know what they’ll try to push if Cain gets the nomination.

Look for this to resurface about september ’12.

This whole Cain thing was a non story from the beginning. The more our side comments on it, the more their side [the liberals] will comment on it. Stay focused on “Fast and Furious”, Solyndra and now, Jon Corzine as the “Wall Street” democrat politician who ripped off the “99%” [ of whom, 47% don’t pay any taxes ] by showing the video of Obama praising Corzine at a campaign rally. Focus on that!