You know how much Obama loves windmills, and how overblown is the future of wind power.

In Britain they have been pushing wind power far harder and longer than we have, and it is turning into a fiasco of subsidies from the windless masses to the winded-gentry.

Anthony Watts has background in Britain’s Wind Farm Scam Threatens Economic Recovery (h/t reader John), including this from The Telegraph, The aristocrats cashing in on Britain’s wind farm subsidies:

They are among the nation’s wealthiest aristocrats, whose families have   protected the British landscape for centuries. Until now that is.

For increasing numbers of the nobility – among them dukes and even a cousin of   the Queen – are being tempted by tens of millions of pounds offered by developers to build giant wind farms on their estates.

An investigation by The Sunday Telegraph reveals how generous subsidies – that are added to consumer energy bills – are encouraging hereditary landowners to build turbines up to 410ft tall on their land.

Considering that wind power does not come close to competing on cost with other forms of electricity production, and probably never will, what possibly could go wrong here?

Bonus question:  Will Obama include “wind power” projects in his yet-to-be-unveiled jobs program?


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