Ron Paul released a very professionally done hit job on Newt.  It’s all over at Drudge, HotAir, etc.  Not really surprising, since Paul and Newt apparently have some bad blood going far back, and Newt totally embarrassed Paul at the national security debate.

While it would be easy to whine about these things, it’s all fair game and something Newt will have to survive if he is to be the nominee.  I think he will survive the attacks because it’s dredging up stuff that already is known.

Newt, by contrast, went there, so to speak, calling Obama out for his Alinskyite philosophy and tactics:

On the campaign trail, Newt Gingrich is trying to  make some new inroads on President Obama by reviving an old charge,  suggesting that the president’s past as a community organizer ties him  to a “radical” tradition.

“Obama believes in a Saul Alinsky radicalism which the press corps  was never willing to look at,” Gingrich told a standing room-only crowd  at Tommy’s Country Ham House here. “When he said he was a community  organizer, it wasn’t Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. It was radicalism  taught on the south side of Chicago by Saul Alinsky.”

It’s part of a strategy that Gingrich has adopted as he has moved into the lead in some polls.

“I’m going to stay focused on the president,” Gingrich said,  indicating that he’ll avoid attacks on fellow Republicans. “The  audiences I’m talking to seem to like somebody who’s both positive about  solutions and focused on the president.”

Newt gets it.  It’s why he’s moving up, attracting large crowds, and now has a target on his back.

Update:  Newt just had an amazing interview on Hannity.  I’ll post segments (or maybe the whole thing) tomorrow if available.  Here’s a reaction from someone who has not been a Newt fan:


Update 12-1-2011 – Video of Newt’s interview in new post, All the king’s horses may not be enough for Romney


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