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MSM becoming unhinged at thought of Newt

MSM becoming unhinged at thought of Newt

Newt is as “dangerous as a wounded wolverine,” according to Dan Rather (via Charlie Spiering via Drudge):

I think what we need is a wounded wolverine, not a puppy dog or kitten, for a nominee. Expect the full force of the MSM to try to stop him. I hope he never owned a rock.


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Joan Of Argghh | November 14, 2011 at 6:29 pm

I’m thinking of joining a Newtist Camp.

I’ll second that call for a president capable of striking fear into the hearts and minds of America’s foes. (Though I still miss the not-quite-candidate who can hunt and field dress Alaskan wild game.)

    Joan Of Argghh in reply to Quite Rightly. | November 14, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    You and me both. All bets would be off if Sarah got back in. Or if Rubio stepped up. Or Paul Ryan. Heck, I think we’d all be ready to listen to Thad McCotter a little more closely, now that Newt has softened up the MSM a bit.

Joan Of Argghh | November 14, 2011 at 6:29 pm

Like!! I was just going to write that there seems to have been an uptick in Newt-bashing articles, but you beat me to it. Let’s see how unhinged the MSM gets.

Count me in the Sarah camp … in a heartbeat. I’d rather Rubio and Ryan wait a bit, but in the meantime, unless the mama grizzly gets drafted, I’ll gravitate to the Newt… warts and all.

Who’s more dangersous, Newt or a lying, conniving (thankfully former) news anchor for CBS?

Never thought about Newt as a viable candidate until now. Now that he is hitting back hard at the scumbag media, he has gained a lot in my view.

The “deathbed” divorce paper lie should be expected to resurface soon.

Better a wounded wolverine in the White House than a kowtowing commie.

I am also now in the Newt camp. Slightly too young to remember exactly what happened in the 90s, so my opinion may not be as well informed as others. Always had been in the Romney camp solely because I think he has the best shot at defeating the SCOAMF. But, I want a fighter. Someone who isnt going to have to couch every position of with why he had a different one earlier – especially as it related to Obamacare. I also want someone who will not accept the premise of every question, etc.

Ill also add that I casually brought up Newt around my in-laws and their reaction was significantly more excited than I anticipated. Small sample size, but its clear hes definitely registering with folks out there.

I think it’s past time when Dan Rather could be thought of as part of the “major” or “mainstream” media, given that he appears on Chanel 472 or some such place.

That said, Newt is in for a rough ride. The best thing he has going for him is that most of the negatives on him are well known and have already been scrutinized publicly.

All Republlican [“Conservative Extremist”] candidates are going to be hit with Personal Attacks for the next year. The Operating Principle is “Slap Enough Mud on the Wall”. That will be true until the Republican Convention. The ‘Herd the Sheep” Principle is what the MSM will use to get the least competitive/most vulnerable candidate to face Obama. Scott Pele is ‘the norm’ particularly for Fall 2012. The Dem model is the ’46/’48 election, but my thoughts have been on the 4-way 1912 election 100 years ago and the similarities between today and the 1920 Election. The candidate who won the 1920 election ended “The Progressive Era” but it’s Not a Coincidence the start of the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and the changes to the study of law at Harvard Law in the twenties.,_1920

Is it just me or did Dan knock back a few before coming on the air?

Good to see an irrelevant Dan still at his “Ratherisms” as if they are/were funny…and a reminder of a truly pitiful period in “mainstream” journalism. To think that this guy could be in a leadership role of even a bridge club, much less a network newscast, is mindboggling. Great job CBS.

I was expecting a more fully developed Ratherism like “dangerous as a wounded wolverine chased by a rabid camel running downhill looking for a left-handed cowpoke to chomp on” or something more suitably folksy…

Sadly Newt comes equipped with his own disqualification.

The only Speaker to have been sanctioned for ethics violations.

You can’t move past your own history. Not when you are setting it.

    WarEagle82 in reply to Kerrvillian. | November 14, 2011 at 10:03 pm

    Of course we all know that Obama has more disqualifying issues in his past than all the GOP field combined. But we also know that those matters will NEVER be raised by the MSM. That’s just the way a fair and balanced media works. Tough break for Newt…

    Jim Wright? He resigned. His book scam was bold, out in the open fraud, VS Newts shuffling tax code.

Dan actually said that?? Was he reading it off a forged document?

First, does Dan Rather realise no one cares what he thinks, I actually did believe him with the story he did about GWB in the air force reserves, now I see him as a lying idiot. Wonder if he’s going to use his watermelon joke again?

Second, I remember Newt from the 90’s, could not stand the man, I was a clinton supporter. But watching him in the debates, he is willing to take on the fraud and the leftist media, and he does it with great skill. I’m still not sure how he will fare against the fraud, but for my independent vote, I’m in the ABO camp, and that includes Newt.

StephenMonteith | November 14, 2011 at 10:47 pm

All of Newt’s wounds are self-inflicted. He’s on record as supporting a “variation” of the individual mandate at the national level as recently as last May (as opposed to Romney, who’s on record as early as 2006 as being against the thought of taking his Massachusetts plan national). He’s great with “ideas”, but not so much with implementing them, as evidenced by the horrific way in which he’s run his own campaign. (Maybe, if he got to the general election, the RNC could force him to hire some competent campaign managers.) And while I hate attacking someone on their personal lives, being president is entirely about character; and Newt’s character has been manifestly bad since the days when his own caucus drummed him out of the Speaker’s chair and out of Washington. (At least now he can claim that he’s an “outsider”.)

I side with the camp that says Gingrich is unable to get along with others. That is evidenced by his career politician background and his personal life.

He could possibly be the only alternative to Romney and then Obama, but he isn’t good for America.

I’m thinking brokered convention with a draft Sarah Palin call.

Who’s with me?

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | November 15, 2011 at 3:12 am

“MSM becoming unhinged at thought of Newt”-

I love it..!! The reason is is because they, the MSM, cannot pull anything over on Newt.

There’s one big difference between Newt, and the rest of the field, Newt will not allow the media to manipulate him, because he is too well experienced and versed in the politics of the media to be played the fool.. So, Newt is the only one of all the candidates, who is consistent in his abilities to address and answer any question with ease, as he has vast amounts of knowledge, expertise, skill, experience, and wisdom, as well as being extremely articulate and precise in his statements. He has no fear of the media, and knows the how to play the media, more than the media knows how to play him..

Newt is by far, hands down, the best man to go up against Obama and his liberal propaganda machinery, and they hate it, and is why we, the patriotic American people, love it.!!~

You go Newt, all the way to the White House, in 12 months !!

    That’s all well and good about Newt and the media. But he is hardly a Tea Party candidate.

    He promoted the return of the Fairness Doctrine.
    He was for a federal individual health-care mandate, the lynchpin of ObamaCare.
    He was practically spooning Nancy Pelosi in commercials about the need for government action on global warming.
    He supports green energy projects [Solyndras] and farm-subsidies.
    Even as late as this year he was pitching for more government intervention in the health-care system at the progressive Brookings Institution.

    How is Gingrich an improvement on Mitt Romney​?

    Read more:

      TeaPartyPatriot4ever in reply to mdw9661. | November 15, 2011 at 6:13 am

      Yes, Newt is not a Ronald Reagan Constitutional Conservative Tea Party candidate, but he is the closest we are going to get, that has intellect, intelligence, and common sense, and he has the most Constitutional Political knowledge of anyone, and will lead with Constitutional Conservative management and leadership style and substance, which no one else posses, who is currently in contention.

      There is no perfect conservative candidate, let alone another Ronald Reagan in the bunch, but there is someone, Newt, who can be just as effective, and just as Patriotic and Constitutionally Conservative as Ronald Reagan.. Like him or not, hate him or not, that’s the Truth.. The other option of having a weak crony capitalist political Republican RINO, going up against Obama, which will not be in our best interest.

      As to your question of How is Gingrich an improvement on Mitt Romney​? let me say, Newt with all of his controversial issues of conflict, concerning conservative consistency, as to where he stands, and what and where his policies lay, Newt is far better capable to meet the challenges that must be met, and they are enormous.. I do not believe that Romney, with his back forth flip-flopping on issues, like standard weak kneed double talking politicians do, and his record of crony capitalism, and his infamous Romneycare, ie; State Socialized medicine.. Whomever takes over will have to not just clean up Obama massive mess, but completely overhaul the govt, and clean up the cronyism and corruption, as well as the crisis in the middle east with Iran, and maybe even Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and maybe even Libya, against Israel.. As well as Greece, Italy, and the rest of Europe,as the EU is about to implode from the massive Obama like financial stupidity, that will cause financial consequences, and even meltdowns, all over the world..

      No, I would much prefer Newt in the White House at America’s Helm.

Joan Of Argghh | November 15, 2011 at 6:17 am

Can’t we just pretend Newt’s our guy, just to triangulate the MSM? Because that is some great political theater he’s providing. He can throw out the chaff while our real plans and targets are carefully drawn up.

I know! Time to turn the tables on the Media and leave ’em guessing who our real candidate is. Let’s get a Bachmann moment together, then do a complete crazy shuffle and fall in love with Rick Santorum next, then throw some love Ron Paul’s way simply because his fanboys need the attention. All the way up to the point when our real candidate comes forth. . .

Or like in Perry’s case …knew a rock once

mdw9661 | November 14, 2011 at 11:26 pm

Go to C4P and sign up.There’s a draft Sarah movement afoot.


Newt may have been the only speaker sanctioned but he is not the only one who should have been. Look at Pelosi as an example. She is a hundred times worse as far as ethics are concerned. She has made a fortune in illegal bids, kickbcks and out and out graft while she as in office. Very likely before that also.

Dan Rather is so passe’. Does anybody but the extreme left think he has any credibility left? He really shot himself in the foot with the TANG matter. He really blew that schlick about the media being unbiased and the sad thing is he had to know the truth would come out but was so blinded by ideology that he took a chance and lost. His whole creer went down the tube. He went from respected (by some anyway) newscaster to a manipulative liar.

I would point out that Perry never owned that rock either …

Dan Rather is as bat-sh*t crazy as a cat thrown into a pool of guano.

Citizens, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first objective journalist. Dan Rather will be that man. Better than he was before. Better… objective… unbiased.

Well, maybe not.