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Iwo Occupy

Iwo Occupy

As rendered by artist J.S. Leibowitz:


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Nope – I don’t see anything funny. That statue represents something… 25,000 casualties – 6,318 sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, who never left the island.

Would the left find it funny if the new MLK statue was photoshopped to have him wearing the Gadsden flag as a cape?

The ideal memorial would be a straw manequin, a lollipop sucker for a head, a megaphone for a mouth, wearing a funny-farm straight jacket.

Today’s Fortune Cookie:
“OWS Action Figure – great stocking stuffer – capatilism at work”

I’m disappointed to see this here. It’s an insult to all who served.

I have to agree.

Even as parody the image fails. Supremely.

Stewart does not need promotion on here at all. He is a shill. Pure, untainted and 100% pure shill for the DNC. He is a bullying sack of snot who shouldn’t get any time here. End of story.

If the OWS had actually raised Port-A-Johns for their many pounds of poop that WOULD be worthy of a statue. Instead they have only raised mounds of trash. They can’t even be bothered to dig a latrine, the first duty of the army in the field.

They fail to do the doodie duty. They are a failure in all ways, on all counts. If they can’t be bothered with doing the bare minimum one would expect of a force in the field then they are just the Day Care version of occupation. Without someone there to change their nappies they’d be just stinky little babies.

And that is all they are. Stinky little babies who don’t deserve anything.