I’ve said it before, it’s not enough to be a “not” candidate.  Not being Barack Obama is not enough, and not being Mitt Romney is not enough.  Any candidate who is to win the nomination and the general election is going to have to inspire, not merely be the default candidate.

The polls show strength for Newt Gingrich, although polls are somewhat inconsistent as to the breadth of that strength.  But there also is plenty of anecdotal evidence of an energy growing around Newt’s campaign.

At a town hall in Naples, Florida, yesterday, the crowd was overflowing.  As reported by a national news media reporter who follows the Gingrich campaign, the event had to be moved to a larger room which could accomodate 450 people, and even that larger room was not enough as monitors had to be set up outside for the overflow crowd.  (Image here.)

The crowd was enthusiastic, as reflected in this television report:

While we often speak of the youth vote, it’s the not youth vote which turns out in big numbers, and in Florida Newt may have hit on a winning theme:

After three years of youth and inexperience resulting in the Obama economic stagnation and national decline, I think the nation may be in the mood for a comeback grandparent.


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