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Herman Cain taunts Gloria Allred

Herman Cain taunts Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred has a news conference with a “4th Accuser” scheduled for 1:30 p.m.

Here’s Cain’s staff response (the link in the tweet is to Cain’s Iowa fund):



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The Prez had some Noon soundbytes but I had the sound on mute.

I heard mention of Blogs that were Counting the Politico …..
….accusations or should I say Un-Accusations

Listened to a great Politico audio-ad….Oh, you say that was a …..satire?

And of course finally the Great Conservative Candidate Jon Huntsman just instructed Cain to come clean!!!

Is it unfair practices to Use Humor?

He’s so great! It’s time this stuff was treated as the B.S. it is.

be careful what you wish for:

cain might have a few dozen of these women all over the place…

allred kibashed whitman with less.

cain has not impressed me at all:

9/9/9 was poorly thought out and soon became 9/9/9=9/0/9.

and he has fliflopped on abortion a few times.

and shown utter ignorance of several basic foreign policy issues.

at the debate with newt, he was clearly uniformed about several topics.

he’s a lovable guy, but not even close to being presidential – imho.


Give ’em hell, Herman. 😀

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | November 8, 2011 at 3:53 am

Gloria Allred is a hack snake oil selling sleazy opportunist attorney, who is the Al Sharpton of of the attorney world, who only comes out of her rat hole, when she smells money in a high profile celebrity status client-attorney representation suit.. She did this to Meg Whitman in the Calif. election, and is now doing it to Herman Cain.. even though I am not a Cain supporter, this is clearly a political hit job, since these allegations were never pursued legally, when they happened.. as this seems so convenient and coincidental in it’s revelation timing..