by the behavior of numerous “conservatives” and “libertarians” on Twitter dancing on Herman Cain’s (presumed) political grave.

Let’s sum up the “facts” as they are known right now.  Mostly unnamed people accused Herman Cain of unspecified conduct which some people who will not specify the people or the conduct have deemed “inappropriate.”  And one of the unnamed people received a piddly $35,000 severance package almost 15 years ago for unspecified conduct which included conduct unrelated to Cain.

That’s what’s known now.  Maybe actual facts will come out proving that Cain did something wrong, but those facts are not out now.

Insisting on actual facts before a major conservative politician is taken down is not “selling out our minds.”

Cain has seriously messed up the situation and his campaign with an inconsistent response and a blame game, but does this justify the gloating and pure happiness being exhibited at the media feeding frenzy?

We really are our own worst enemies.

Update 11-3-2011:  Several commenters and Dan Riehl (Bill Jacobson Has A Logic Problem To Solve) argue that Herman Cain’s unproven accusations about the Perry campaign somehow are relevant to evaluating the accusations against Cain in the media.  I disagree, as that “illogically” simply tries to justify one wrong by pointing to another wrong.  Additionally, at least with Cain’s claim that the Perry campaign was behind the Politico story we know the accuser (Cain) and the substance of the accusation (a current Perry campaign adviser, Curt Anderson, used information he learned when he advised Cain’s senatorial campaign in 2004) which allows the Perry campaign to respond specifically (Anderson denies it).  As pointed out in the original post, Cain’s “blame game” has hurt him, and it is fair to criticize him for it, but that does not excuse the sheer exuberance with which many conservatives have jumped on the Politico bandwagon.


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