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Bring in the Politico clowns

Bring in the Politico clowns

As noted in my post last night, Politico wrote 91 news stories in a one week period regarding “sexual harassment” charges against Herman Cain, without a single story stating what conduct Cain actually engaged in or was alleged to have engaged in.

Howard Kurtz (via Althouse via Instapundit) took Jonathan Martin of Politico, the lead author on the Cain story and one of the founders of Politico, to task for reporting without facts:

Don’t think Politico is alone in digging for dirt on Cain. From The Marietta Daily Journal (h/t @ByronYork):

FORMER MARIETTA Mayor Bill Dunaway reports that he was called by reporters this week from the Associated Press and The Washington Post, both trying to dig up dirt on embattled presidential candidate Herman Cain of Georgia. The reporters had somehow heard that Dunaway is former owner of The 1848 House restaurant in Marietta and had been in the restaurant business while Cain was president of the National Restaurant Association.

“They each wanted to know what ‘bad’ things I had heard about him and what ‘bad’ things the NRA members thought of him. I disappointed them in that I neither knew nor heard any bad rumors about him,” Dunaway emailed AT’s Bill Kinney.

“The press is really working hard on Herman,” he concluded. No question about that.

Update: I think that bears pointing out considering that in the course of one week Politico ran 91 stories about “sexual harassment” charges against Herman Cain, and now acts as if reporting allegations of “sexual harassment” is the same thing as reporting the facts which would give rise to the legal conclusion that Cain’s conduct constituted “sexual harassment.”

Sexual harassment” is a legal conclusion, not a fact.


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What those AP and WAPO snoops didn’t know is that Bill Dunaway is a former owner of an 18 store drug chain and has been active in various small business organizations for many years. He lives in one of the most conservative suburbs of the Atlanta Metro Area. Not fertile ground for dirt digging.

No named accusser, no explanation of alledged harassment,and no dateo of harassment. In fact, it looks like Politico was hoping more women would come out of the woodwork to accuse Cain, which was a likely thing to happen whether it was true of not…people being what they are. Politico printed so many nothing articles in the hope people would buy the allegations so as to cover their b*tts. The media is really good at making stuff up and printing it as truth. Goodness knows they have done it for the last few decadesagainst any republican and I, for one, am sick of it. Anyone who believes anything they print or say is clueless. Their whole modis operandi is to get obama and other dims elected by hook or by crook. They care nothing for the country or the rule of law. They are all communists and adhere to the communist motto of “the end justifies the means”.

At times his stammerin’ and a spinnin’ made it sound like a new Little Richard song was in the works. Such extreme effort in rationalization can be a bit painful to watch.

“Sexual harassment” is a legal conclusion, not a fact.”

So you’re saying sexual harassment claims are merely an ethereal legal construct and can not happen in actual fact?

There’s no such actual sexual harassment?