Yesterday I saw a lengthy thread at Memeorandum about a “HermanCainPAC” website which had a large cover story calling Karen Kraushaar an “ugly bitch.” Here’s the screenshot:

The website looked real, with a donate page and so on. But I didn’t post about it because it looked real but was not believable.

But it did invoke fury on the left, which went all in on calling Cain names about it.  Here was the reaction from Dave Neiwart (who invented the anti-conservative “eliminationist” narrative) at Crooks & Liars:

And they’re sooooo funny, too, “clarifying” that Kraushaar is not the horse in the picture.

Boy, I bet that convinces all the women out there, eh? Granted, it probably will work great with Republican men, who all seem to believe that only attractive women could possibly be sexually harassed. (This is particularly the case with “MP” at the Cain PAC blog.)

I guess less-than-perfectly-attractive women are just so desperate that of course they would be happy to give Cain a blow job.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Remember when the right-wing was against sexism? You know back when Palin was their media token?

And I was right, it was a hoax site, as Crooks & Liars now acknowledges:

UPDATE: It now emerges that this website is a hoax. Shuksan Tahoma at DKos has the details. We apologize to our readers.

It’s fine that you are apologizing to your readers, how about apologizing to Herman Cain?

Do sophisticated hoaxes take place to bring down a candidate? You betcha.

Are they always provable? Usually not, although there are suspicions as in this Ann Coulter column about the coincidence of David Axelrod saving Obama’s political career by digging up dirt on opponents and just happening to live in the same building as Sharon Bialek.

This is why we have to demand that light be shed on accusations against candidates, that accusers and files and facts come forward.  Taken nothing for granted or at face value.