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“a trick he has performed deftly in previous races”

“a trick he has performed deftly in previous races”

HillaryIs44 has a good post on the Obama-lovin’ media and how it covers for Obama’s campaign dirty tricks.

The post is in response to this statement by Ben Smith at Politico:

If the catchphrase weren’t already taken, you could call Barack Obama’s signature style of negative politics “leading  from behind.”

But as the president’s reelection team begins in earnest to attack Mitt Romney, Obama faces one of the most difficult tests of  his political career: to tear down Romney without getting a single smudge of  dirt on his own shirtfront — a trick he has performed deftly in previous  races.

HillaryIs44 examines media complicity as a more accurate explanation for how Obama gets away with a clean shirt and dirty tactics (emphasis in original):

A candidate for public office does not have to perform “deftly” when Big Media is in the bag and protects the slimy candidate. What Ben Smith has scrubbed from his analysis is the complicit protection of Barack Obama by Big Media.

Make no mistake, Ben Smith and Big Media writers know better. In his finest moment – a moment being the smallest measure of time – Smith in June of 2007 bothered to ask why Obama hired so many opposition researchers and leaked anonymous dirt against Bill and Hillary Clinton….

Ben Smith knows that the politics of personal destruction will once again be the Barack Obama strategy in 2012. The JournoListers are already in amazement mode as they watch Obama pour mud yet the crease on his pants remains sharp and the shirts stay bright white spotless.

It truly is amazing, for example, how Obama injected racial politics into the 2008 campaign, using it as a sword and a shield against Hillary and McCain, and yet emerged with a media reputation as a racial healer.

That media connivance was on full display this week, as Politico went after Herman Cain with a fury and obsession which undoubtedly has earned Jonathan Martin a prime spot on the AxelPlouffe oppo-research leak list.


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Excellent post. I campaigned for Hillary, never in my life had I see such racial vitriol by the Messaih Barry, and the leftist media cover up all of it.
That’s when I became an independent, after a lifetime of being a democrat, there’s no place for conservative dems in the undemocratic party since 2008. The entire disgusting party can go down the toilet for all I care.

Ah yes… The democrat attack machine described for what it is, Very Dirty Politics.

My great hope here is that it gets so virulent that the public gets so repulsed, a Republican president is assured. I mean, there has to be a threshold limit as to what the public will allow themselves to be subject to.

Following this year’s debacle, real election reform is mandated such as the shortening the election campaign season to six weeks, no paid advertising with debates on C-Span/PBS only.

And… Ensure that truly neutral moderators are put in charge with very strict rules of engagement.

Time to end the nonsense!!!

The smear “sexual harrassment” campaign against Mr. Cain has all the fingerprints of the underhanded tactics of the Demoncrats not of any of his Republican competitors. Mr. Cain has said again that the smear came from his 2004 senate campaign manager who is now employed by the Perry campaign but presents no evidence.
Think about it: a successful real black man vs. an evil failure mulatto. Mulatto is shaking in his mom jeans at the possibility of facing a successful real black man in a three piece suit in the elections, hmm…
Disclaimer: Mr. Cain is not my choice of candidate.

OWS is the flowering of the Obama legacy.
They bring a knife, you bring a GUN!
I’m the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks.
The millionaires and billionaires… EAT THE RICH!
Hit back twice as hard!
Get in their faces!
I don’t want to quell their anger. People have a right to be angry. I’m angry!
..I know whose ass to kick.
I’m itchin’ for a fight.
…hand to hand combat.
It’s time to punish our enemies!

These are quotes from the president of the United States.

Why wouldn’t the OWS occupiers, no matter how rich they are or aren’t, be unified in violence.

Great post! I’m no longer reading Politico, btw. 🙂

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This like the pot calling the kettle black! Clinton complaining about emerging without a smudge? Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky and Bill is praised and acclaimed as a great president? Cry me a river.