I don’t always agree with Jennifer Rubin, the not-liberal blogger at The Washington Post, who used to blog at Commentary.

But I respect her because unlike the Stockholm Syndrome suffering not-liberal columnists at The New York Times, Rubin is willing to take on her own newspaper.

This conclusion to Rubin’s post (h/t Instapundit) about the WaPo hit piece on Marco Rubio is great (emphasis mine):

If this is the best they have on Rubio, he’s in no peril whatsoever. To the contrary, Rubio, having gone through a mainstream press attack, will likely endear himself to an even greater degree to the conservative base. If there’s one thing that all conservatives can agree on, it is their loathing of mainstream media.

I love the use of “they.”  Who are they? They are her news and editorial bosses at WaPo, the ones who are sharpening their knives for 2012.

“They” are not “us.”  “They” are the people “we” despise.

Rubin was willing to call them out on their own website, to bite the hand that feeds her.

Jennifer! Attica! Jennifer! Attica!

That is the type of stuff I would write if The New York Times ever hired me.

My first post would be “#@!% The New York Times, Nasty Column to Follow.”  Which makes 11 reasons The NY Times will not hire me.

Update:  Mea culpa, Things I regret saying on the internet