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Why I respect Jennifer Rubin

Why I respect Jennifer Rubin

I don’t always agree with Jennifer Rubin, the not-liberal blogger at The Washington Post, who used to blog at Commentary.

But I respect her because unlike the Stockholm Syndrome suffering not-liberal columnists at The New York Times, Rubin is willing to take on her own newspaper.

This conclusion to Rubin’s post (h/t Instapundit) about the WaPo hit piece on Marco Rubio is great (emphasis mine):

If this is the best they have on Rubio, he’s in no peril whatsoever. To the contrary, Rubio, having gone through a mainstream press attack, will likely endear himself to an even greater degree to the conservative base. If there’s one thing that all conservatives can agree on, it is their loathing of mainstream media.

I love the use of “they.”  Who are they? They are her news and editorial bosses at WaPo, the ones who are sharpening their knives for 2012.

“They” are not “us.”  “They” are the people “we” despise.

Rubin was willing to call them out on their own website, to bite the hand that feeds her.

Jennifer! Attica! Jennifer! Attica!

That is the type of stuff I would write if The New York Times ever hired me.

My first post would be “#@!% The New York Times, Nasty Column to Follow.”  Which makes 11 reasons The NY Times will not hire me.

Update:  Mea culpa, Things I regret saying on the internet


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I think “their loathing of mainstream media” is putting it mildly!!

I, too, used to admire Rubin when she was at Commentary. Then she went to WaPo and became a weathervane, and I lost all admiration for her. Every now and then, she remembers who she is supposed to be. If a paycheck does that to you, then you were never the thing to begin with.

Three years since the emergence of Journo-list and now she is questioning WAPO? It is shameful that Rubin believes the Journo-listed pack of lies piled on Gov Palin yet is determined to appear a champion of journalistic integrity.

Are the not-liberals simply selective thinkers who are in need of ‘schooling’?

Speaking of Governor Palin:

American Crony Capitalism Brings Jobs to Finland

“It’s bad enough that we borrow money from foreign countries to give to foreign countries. Now we borrow from foreign countries to finance jobs in foreign countries.”

“This crony capitalism has to end. We don’t want it. We can’t afford it. And we must not tolerate it anymore. Wake up, America, before it’s too late.”

I gave up on JR a long time ago. Many of her posts come to one of two conclusions: Sarah Palin unfit for anything, or Mitt Romney is very impressive candidate. Plus many of her Palin sideswipes were gratuitous in posts in which Palin was not the main subject. Okay, Jen, we get it.

I have a difficult time with saying that I respect her because, while this story is somewhat impressive, she floats with the wind far too much for my liking and I’m always left wondering what kind of opinion she will express tomorrow.

This is in stark contrast to bloggers like you who hold back no punches and tell it like it is.

PS…Thanks for the link to ’11 reasons why the NY Times will not hire me’… was great fun to read it again 🙂

I find her to be mostly a nasty piece of work. I used to admire her writing but I’ve come to the conclusion that I must not have been paying close attention.

I could respect her as a moderate Dem.

Perhaps the WaPo is giving Jennifer Rubin’s leash a little slack is that they realize that the hit piece isn’t going over too well. The WaPo is doing some retroactive editing. Big Journalism has a piece: Under Fire, The Washington Post Quietly Scrubs Their Marco Rubio Hit-Piece.

I am sick of her peddling RINO Romney. Don’t even read her anymore.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with some of the previous postings. Jen is completely in the tank for Mittens. Every once in awhile I forget Mitt’s previous positions on abortion, gay rights and the Boy Scouts, his support for the individual mandate, his belief in global warming, etc., and then am shocked to confront them again.

Really disappointing, Jen. I mean even with McCain we at least could convince ourselves that he sincerely but mistakenly believed in those cockamamie positions he was always espousing. But Willard is a human calculator. “I can’t have illegal aliens working for me . . . because I was running for office.”