I attended the Occupy Ithaca rally today, which was scheduled as a mass peaceful demonstration starting at noon outside a Bank of America branch in downtown Ithaca

As of 12:30 p.m., when I dropped by, there were about a dozen people holding signs.  I kind of felt sorry for them.

None of the usual hardcore Ithaca suspects were present, unlike an earlier Occupy Ithaca rally.  Maybe they would show up later.

There was none of the crazy talk, masks, or other anarchist/socialist rhetoric which permeates the gatherings in bigger cities.  What I found were signs which could have appeared at a Tea Party Rally:

The difference, I suppose, is that Tea Partiers want to lower taxes, while these folks seem to want more for their taxes.

While the international organizers and some of the others behind the movement have bad intentions, we should keep in mind that there is common ground with some of the people innocently attending some of these events.


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