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What do you mean “what if?”

What do you mean “what if?”

When this sticker was put on the car, the owner probably figured things were not yet out of control.  But after three weeks of #OccupyMadness, no question mark is needed.

From Larry in Miami (who must have been stopped on the interstate when he took this photo because he knows my rules):


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Glenn has been right with just about everything, and has been ridiculed and called crazy. He has had his sponsors get boycotted to shut him up, which is why he started his own station. If you want to know what we are in store for, get GBTV (free 2 week trial) and learn the truth!!

Wadaya mean, “if”?

I’m already scared s***less listening to Glenn Beck on the radio. What will happen to me if I watch more on GBTV?

At least I won’t be going near any police cars.

Beck is more right than wrong. I admit when I first heard his take on the Occupy Wall Street protests on his show on 9/14 (I was in the audience) I thought it was overwrought, and continued to do so through the first weeks of the protest. As it has built with widespread leftist backing, however, it is becoming clearer and clearer that he was, if anything, underplaying the dangers here.

My sister-in-law (Liberal San Franciscan) gleefully told me about a magnet on her fridge that reads “Glenn Beck is a fear monger”…..
my magnet response is better…”Glenn Beck = Paul Revere

Love the sign. Presume it is a “custom-made to order” decal. Brilliant!

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