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Still they drone on and on

Still they drone on and on

about visualizing world peace and Obama.

Spotted in Ithaca on my way home from the Occupy Ithaca rally:


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It does fit – Obama did get the Nobel Peace Prize because they could visualize him achieving world peace – he really didn’t have to do it – just the visualization that he would was enough.

ConserveLiberty | October 16, 2011 at 9:21 am

What kind of twisted psychopath would deface such a finely engineered vehicle. What a tragedy.

I like peas as much as the next guy, but I don’t understand this strange cult that demands we all visualize world peas. Can’t they just be satisfied with their own personal belief in the Green Giant, why must they force their beliefs on the rest of us?

It’s easy to visualize World Peace. It would look a lot like this.

Professor, your choice of the word ‘drone’ in your headline seems most appropriate…

You can’t visualize world peace, Professor?

I guess you’re not a “visual learner.” You must be one of those “critical dance theory” type “kinesthetic learners.”

I’d prefer to visualize Democrat voters who don’t drool, but I’m having difficulty with it.