Writing-on-hand-gate reminds me of one of the reasons Sarah Palin was put on this earth: To bring out and expose the worst misogynistic impulses in the hard core of the Democratic base.

I’m not talking about criticism or mockery of the handwritten notes. That’s fair game. Considering all the grief we give the teleprompter-addicted-won, who are we to complain?

I’m talking about the impulse in the Democratic base to use a non-sexual situation to sexualize and demean a female politician. Hillary had to deal with it. And there is a long history of sexist treatment of Palin, including the Newsweek cover last November.

Today, the story was a play on Palin giving a “hand job”:

There’s also plenty of play on Twitter for the “Palin hand job” theme. Blue Lyon has collected some foul comments from popular “progressive” blogs and forums, and sums it up with this:

Way to go progs. The “Progressive” blogosphere needs to get their heads out of their junior high asses (no offense meant to junior high kids) and get smart. But I am not holding my breath.

The Democratic base has revealed itself once again. Thanks Sarah.


Here’s how Larry D. Halstead describes himself: “Bio News Junkie, Political Scientist, Activist, Progressive, Dem Leader, Consultant on Econ Dev, Green Energy, Environment.” He has a website for his government consulting business.

Here’s how John Cobarruvias is described in his author’s bio at the progressive Mother Jones magazine: “John Cobarruvias is President of Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings (Texas chapter) and a longtime consumer activist in new home construction, insurance, and tort reform.” He runs the Bay Area Houston blog, and is an activist for government ethics reform.

Update: Left Coast Rebel has more.

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