I’ve warned you not to take at face value the depictions of the protesters at the Occupy Wall Street rallies.

Andrew Cole, the focus of a sympathetic New York Times article, turned out to be a pretty hard core solicialist (by his own description) and former operative for a progressive organization, facts not revealed in The Times article.

This video of a law student decrying the loss of his parents home to Chase Bank also made the rounds in late September.

There’s just one problem.  The story he tells is a fraud, as an investigation by The Blaze revealed.  His parents $500,000 home was not taken by the bank, is not in foreclosure, and the whole thing was street theater:

Phone inquiries into the county property records & taxpayer services office reveal that the Stephens family home is not and never has been in foreclosure, that property taxes had been paid in full this year and the remaining balance on their mortgage for the half-million dollar home is less than one year’s worth of tuition+fees at their son’s law school.

The nail in this empty protest‘s coffin is a delightful phone conversation I just had with Robert’s mother, Marquita, where she admitted Chase Bank indeed was not “taking” their home from them. Instead, due to a recent “reduction in income,” they’ve decided to hold a “short sale.”

Of course, it took alternative conservative media to reveal the fraud.