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#OccupyDallas – the birds are not impressed

#OccupyDallas – the birds are not impressed

The Live Stream camera at street level tells the story, the Occupy Dallas protesters control the streets with the line of marchers extending as far as the eye can see:

Okay, maybe not.  Reader Derek writes:


I’m an avid reader of your blog. I was in the office today and heard some chanting. I looked out the window and there were roughly 75 protestors going North on Peal St. here in Dallas, TX. They were chanting “We are…99%.” See the attached pictures.

I was also in Fort Worth yesterday and saw the Occupy Fort Worth protesters; if that’s what you can call them. There were about 5-10 individuals sitting in lawn chairs with signs across from the Fort Worth U.S. District Court. I was in a rush so I did not see what the signs said.

Thought you might enjoy these.

Keep up the good work.


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Based on that photo, I’d say their slogan’s off by a couple of orders of magnitude. It should be, “We’re the 0.0099%”!

Last weekend OccupyKnoxville had about 25 for the big day

Oh dude … a rare “Be there and be square” event.

Well as long as we’re talking about OWS-type demonstrations around the country, this one in Sacramento was also wildly successful – not!

much has been made, on the internet, of the filth and violence at occupyoakland…while the local ‘news’ media here tout the camp-in as the biggest and bestest event ever!…but the fact is that the plaza in front of city hall is quite small and we are talking about maybe a hundred squatters there, at best. both sides are wildly inflating the size and significance of what these leftover and wanna-be hippies are up to.

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