Today a bunch of college Dems have created an “Occupy Cornell” event. I don’t know what the objective of this is, but it looks like a pretty pathetic state of affairs in “solidarity.”

Here’s the transcript of the “occupation” if your eyes are in need of a good roll. Here’s my favorite (my comments in bold):

Speaker 7
– just returned from Occupy Wall Street, sharing observations
– unemployed, supposed to be too lazy to find a job, working for free [That doesn’t sound like a good use of their time. I know; I’m technically unemployed!]
– saw the poor, supposed to be uneducated, reading books from the People’s Library [The People’s Library? Sounds like their reading the case for why they should be given other people’s money.]
– saw the homeless, supposed to freeloaders and parasites, saw on serving end of the buffet line [First of all, I’ve never heard someone call another person a “parasite.” This is one helluva straw man. Second of all, I didn’t read that they were accused of paralysis.]
– movement is supposed to be disorganized and divided, but we speak as one [End the Fed! End corruption! End the wars! Re-elect Obama? Hold on…]
– we address criticism by leading by example [So they’re criticizing by creating? They’re opening up a local credit union!?]
– they ask us for realistic demands, but what is more real than what we have demanded for ourselves
– we want a real democracy, so we created one [Someone should give drug tests to speakers beforehand…]
– free speech isn’t the ability to say what you want, but to say what you want and be listened to [Oh, that’s right! I forgot the ‘Free Printing Press for Everyone’ act of 1940.]
– a better world is possible, but only when we resolve to make it that way
– as Gandhi said, we must be the change we wish to see in the world [I think you mean “as Ghandi didn’t say“]
– you can’t be neutral on a moving train
– cynicism is an argument for the status quo

Yeah, bro. Let’s start griping EVERYWHERE. That’ll solve things once and for all.

The reason it seems like an amateur hour: they  didn’t use the progressive stack, their facebook event posted an end time (come on, the struggle deserves more than two hours!), they went inside of a building named after an investment banker because it rained, and, really, if you think you’re in a struggle at Cornell University in the People’s Republic of Ithaca, you have your priorities all wrong. 

For a good piece on the merits of some of the complaints out of NY, please read Tim Carney’s write up in the Examiner.

Update: Video of a townie (who doesn’t work for a financial firm) advises young Cornellians to heed his advice and end the “ivy league to Wall Street pipeline.” The chanting repetition really solidifies their objective to promote individuals, or whatever.