A tale of two videos.

It is not okay to sit silently when a single person in an audience shouts something:

We don’t believe in the kind of smallness that says it’s okay for a stage full of political leaders — one of whom could end up being the President of the United States — being silent when an American soldier is booed. (Applause.) We don’t believe in that. We don’t believe in standing silent when that happens. (Applause.) We don’t believe in them being silent since. (Applause.) You want to be Commander-in-Chief? You can start by standing up for the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States, even when it’s not politically convenient. (Applause.)

But he was silent, pretending not to have heard or known, of the denunciation  — not for the first time — of America’s military at his own church by his own personal mentor:

Update: Ann Althouse (via Instapundit) points out that even as to the “booing” referenced in Obama’s speech, Obama is lying:

The meme is false, as explained here.

There is a contagious lie and the President — he who often speaks of
transcending divisiveness — is enthusiastically spreading it… while —
ironically! — posing in the mantle of oneness, E pluribus unum.

And Gay Patriot has more on why Obama felt the need at the dinner to focus on attacking Republicans.


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