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Now they want to #OccupyJudaism

Now they want to #OccupyJudaism

There have been some highly publicized anti-Semitic outbursts at the Occupy Wall Street protests, as well as claims of anti-Semitism lodged against the organizing group, AdBusters.

So now some progressive Jews have formed an Occupy Judaism movement presumably to deflect from the criticism and to mainstream Jewish progressives into the various Occupy groups:

As protest movements under the banner of Occupy Wall Street grow in cities across the United States, a parallel movement calling itself ‘Occupy Judaism’ has sprung up as well.

Occupy Judaism is a movement of those who are unhappy with not only the state of American society, but perhaps with Jewish life in America as well. Like the succot built at several protest sites, Occupy Judaism indicates the Jewish presense among protesters claiming to represent the “99 percent” of the country disenfranchised and dissatisfied with inequalities in American society….

“There are a lot of Jews who have been really affected by the economy,” Rabbi Alana Suskin, a participant in Occupy DC, said. “There may be one synagogue in the country where no one has lost their jobs. Jews also have their poor. It’s the unspoken elephant in the room. Not everybody’s well off. Probably most Jews are part of the 99 percent.”

OccupyJudaism now has a Facebook page and numerous local offshoot pages.


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Check out this new video posted by the Emergency Committee for Israel:

Stupidity knows no bounds.

Is there something in the water?

DINORightMarie | October 13, 2011 at 2:37 pm

Thank you, @lumiere, for the link. Sickening.

Yet I’m glad people are trying to get the word out! Rush just played some of these clips; Mark Levin had this on his radio show over the last few days. That video is very powerful.

Can someone please explain to me why would anyone who is Jewish support this, or try to redeem it in some way?

That truly baffles me.

Donald Douglas | October 13, 2011 at 2:40 pm


Just proves the theory that some circumcisions got the wrong head.

Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

By the way, did you hear about the Tea Party folks spitting on a Black Congressman? What do you mean there is a $100K prize for anyone with video of the event?

Some on the Left are truly deranged. Most are good, well meaning, simply naive people, but some are barking nuts.

I have no problem with holding specific bankers who are in cahoots with specific politicians accountable for nefarious deeds or even accounting fraud (which is already illegal, but not prosecuted if you are a big enough and connected enough.) I have no problem with demanding that there be no bailouts of banks with taxpayer dollars. I have no problem with wanting a clearer, simpler regulatory system to remove incentive for corruption. No, a few large firms should not be allowed free reign to threaten to crash our economy because of sheer size and share of the market. We have anti-trust laws for that. Enforce them.

Those are all specific concerns. Good. Address them. What I have a problem with is inchoate rage at The Nebulous Shadowy Bankers. Historically, that is not a good thing.

The progressive Jews trying to counter those elements by joining in are not helping. It might have helped to steer it away from anti-semitic sentiment if they had been vocally involved from the beginning. But a month down the road they’d be better served by loudly calling out those elements. Trying to put forward a “But We Are The Nice Helpful Jews, Not Those Other Hateful Jews” response to outright anti-semitic sentiment is an exercise in futility.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to WMCB. | October 13, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    You are very late in the game. An english king in the middle ages was so indebted to London’s Jewish financiers that he exiled the whole community. It further helped him that one of the boats sank. However the finance problems did not disappear .

    250 years later Shakespeare wrote The Merchant of Venice which must have led to many discussions on Jewish banking. Ironically Britain was saved by a pair of Jewish bankers with a rather famous name who bought The Prussians onto the Brits side against Napoleon hence Waterloo.

    I have met many successful business people who purposefully avoid not only Jewish financing but as much Jewish business /legal as possible. They simply say it is short term difficult , long term better.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that there are still so many progressive Jews.

I’ms still waiting for #OccupyEPA, #OccupyFannieMae, #OccupyFreddieMac, and #OccupyBarneyFrank.

Silly Jews. That never works!

Ridiculous. All of it. You want to hold a sit-in or a demonstration, or whatever, you have to have specific demands. Well. About another month or so before the cold weather takes care of this. Here’s hoping for some early snow.

Islamic sympathizers. Given the opportunity, they are effecting an involuntary migration of Christians from Muslim controlled nations, under penalty of death or slavery. Given the opportunity, they will reestablish their dominion over unbelievers, but especially their principal competing interests, Jews and Christians.

The COWS (OWS cooperatives) are revealing their true nature, as have all preceding power plays conducted by individuals who suffer from delusions of grandeur and their generational progressive supporters.

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Meanwhile, PJ Media features some of the anti-Semitic “claims” of the OccupyLA protesters . . . curiously, I haven’t seen much coverage of this in any mainstream media stories. They must have missed it . . .

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