Union-backed protesters plan on protesting outside the buildings of several billionaires in New York City, including trying to present “checks” representing the funds the billionaires will save if a New York State surcharge on the wealth expires later this year.

Make no mistake, this is not your ordinary Occupy Wall Street protest.   New York State unions have been going all out on the state tax provision long before the OWS protests, and key legislators have received death threats.

For the past two years the line separating public and personal space has been shrinking, as those who oppose unions find themselves confronted at home.

It’s a dangerous tactic which one of these days will result in a target of the protests being hurt.  It’s easier to hurl a crowd to chant on a front lawn or on a front stoop than it is to control the crowd.

Just like the Rutgers professor who confronted Paul  Ryan in a restaurant, there is no personal space left.

Update:  Protest at homes live (h/t @MichelleMalkin):

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