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Mass. Senate Debate Tonight

Mass. Senate Debate Tonight

I’ll be watching the Massachusetts Senate Democratic Debate tonight at 7 p.m. because it will be the first appearance of Elizabeth Warren.  I haven’t decided what to do in the race, despite the overwhelming reader vote to support Brown, but I’ll be listening.

The debate will be live streamed on the Boston Herald website.

The candidates are a virtual rogues gallery of Massachusetts liberal caricatures.  It should be interesting, as they each try to out run each other to the left.

Update —  Live feed Over

Quick short take – Elizabeth Warren should win this primary walking away.  The others on stage were close to a joke, with the exception of Alan Karzai, who may be her only real challenger.  Brown will have his hands full with her.  She was pretty good, although she wasn’t challenged by the others.  She comes across as very professorial, and almost condescending.  That will appeal to the Newton/Brookline crowd big time, but I’m not sure how it will play in elsewhere.  Brown needs to get in this truck and start driving around the state.  Now.


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That does sound entertaining. You should post some zingers as the debate develops.

1. Every time you think this state can’t get any crazier:

Warren looks like the conservative in that line-up.

2. If Tartars occupied MA and enslaved the population for a decade, our leftists wouldn’t learn a thing from the experience. They’d conclude that they provoked the invasion by not being nice enough.

3. Under the unprecedented conditions of Western prosperity, many humans have mutated into sapient dodos: smug, morally supercilious, know-it-all dodos.

So in a few months when the primary winner actually starts campaigning against the Republican, and attempts to show how open-minded and bipartisan he/she is, will the media show just how much difference there is between their words then, and their words now?

I didn’t think so.

Warren says there are too many onerous government regulations dragging down business and thus keeping unemployment high. She says they need to de-regulate.

I predict she’ll win, and then you’ll never again hear a word from her about deregulation. Not once. In fact, once in office, Warren will very likely push for more regulation over those rapacious businesspeople.

Warren is cast from the Obama mold, I’m afraid. She will lie right to your face in order to gain votes.

    Murgatroyd in reply to bobby b. | October 5, 2011 at 12:00 am

    She will lie right to your face in order to gain votes.

    Well, yeah … but only because it’s necessary. If you oppose her policies, it’s because you suffer from false consciousness. You’re better off letting someone wiser and more evolved than you make the decisions about how your life should be run. She’s lying to you, but it’s  for  your  own  good.

Brown is certainly no TEA Party member. Geez, he isn’t even a conservative. Sure, it was fun to tweak their noses in Massachusetts but spending millions to help Brown keep his seat so he can screw the GOP when they need him most is simply stupid.

I expect Newt to start campaigning for Brown any day now…

    Estragon in reply to WarEagle82. | October 5, 2011 at 2:00 am

    The choice in Massachusetts is not between Scott Brown and Jim DeMint. It will be between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren.

    Either, or.

    Now, obviously with one-third of the Senate (plus the two special election seats, MA & WV) up, the GOP won’t mortgage the farm to save Brown, he will have to account for his own fundraising for the most part.

    But he has been loyal – the votes he’s cast against “us” weren’t deemed “party votes” by the leadership; he’s been down the line on those. Purists may think every issue is a party vote, but that’s just stupid, as is expecting the guy in the seat held by Ted Kennedy for decades to vote like the guy in Strom Thurmond’s seat (and yes I know that is not DeMint).

    Every vote counts. Brown may not be 100% conservative, but he’s 1000 times better than having that insufferable windbag Warren in the Senate.