I know, I said Bye-Bye Brown last spring after he wrote an op-ed in Politico slamming the Ryan plan and playing into the Democratic meme that Republicans want to abandon seniors.  And he has been a disappointment on several key votes, such as Dodd-Frank.


If not Scott, it will be Elizabeth “the factory owners owe us” Warren, who is pretty much dead-even in the latest poll released in the Boston Herald:

Democrat Elizabeth Warren’s meteoric ascent in Massachusetts politics has landed her in a virtual dead heat with Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, while two Democrats who passed on the race — Gov. Deval Patrick and former U.S. Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II — could pose even bigger threats to the GOP incumbent, a new UMass-Lowell/Boston Herald poll shows.

Brown is ahead of Warren by a 41-38 percent margin in a general election trial heat, a statistical tie given the poll’s 3.8 percent margin of error. Warren, who announced her campaign just last month, faces her first crucial test Tuesday night in a Democratic debate sponsored by University of Massachusetts at Lowell and the Herald.

Brown has made a tragic mistake by tacking left, as I warned before, you can’t out-liberal a real liberal.  But he tried, and now voters who want a liberal will flock to the real liberal, and the Tea Party movement and disaffected Democrats will not help him because he stuck his finger in their eyes once too often.

Is it time for us to reconsider, not because of Brown but because of Warren?  (Poll open until 7 p.m. Eastern today)