So far, Democrats are going all in on the Occupy Wall Street movement, with the DNC even cirulating a petition in support.  Obama is trying to harness the energy for his campaign.

That will change if plans for an OWS national convention take place next summer, signifying that OWS is a third force.

As outlined at Business Insider, OWS plans a convention on July 4 with delegates from every congressional district, to take on both parties.  The declaration includes, among other things:

7. The final 99% Declaration and Petition of Grievances, after being voted upon by the 870 Delegates to the National General Assembly, will be formally presented by  the 870 Delegates to all three branches of government and all candidates running  for federal public office in November 2012. Thus, the Delegates would meet from
July 4, 2012 to sometime in early to late October 2012 so that the Petition of  Grievances may be presented prior to the election.

There is no indication OWS is going to run third party candidates, but it represents a mortal electoral threat to Democrats:

  • If Democrats accept the demands of the OWS convention, they will align themselves with fringe elements who turn off the political center; if Democrats reject the demands, they will alienate a key part of their base which will stay home in November 2012.  It is lose-lose.
  • The OWS convention and follow up will sap strength from the Democratic Party and Obama campaign, and divert media attention away from whatever message Obama is trying to send at the time to what will be a media circus in Philadelphia on Independence Day.
  • In November 2012, the country will face a choice not between Democrats and Republicans, but between the anarchist/socialist OWS coalition and Republicans.

Richard Nixon could not have dreamed up such a promising electoral scenario.  Only Karl Rove could.

How long before Democrats come to regret OWS, and claim OWS is some diabolical Rovian plot?


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