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Herman Cain Occupies #OccupyWallStreet

Herman Cain Occupies #OccupyWallStreet

Think Progress is in a tizzy because Herman Cain told it like it is as to the politics of jealously and envy which are the driving force bechind the Occupy Wall Street movement and the Democratic Party’s election strategy.


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He is the left’s biggest nightmare … and I am liking him more and more.

George Will on the Laura Ingraham Show:

“The Florida straw poll, which was a tea party event essentially, caused liberals’ heads to explode because here is the racist tea party voting for a black man. And their whole narrative was temporarily discombobulated — but, only temporarily.”

Yep, soon afterwards, Jeanine Garofalo was doing some logical contortionism trying to reason how Cain winning tea-party support shows … you guessed it … tea party people are racist. Heads you’re racist, tails you’re racist, too. You’re racist no matter what you do.

Garofalo’s rules!

    DINORightMarie in reply to LukeHandCool. | October 5, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    Ahhhhh, now you understand the left. Eureka! The truth!!

    Herman Cain is looking better all the time. I hope he gets some facts to back up his assertion – because I believe he is correct.

    And, yeah, given their “demands” list, they are anti-Capitalists (or should I say CapitOlists?).

      As the left revels in vilifying “Capitalism” and has rendered “capitalist” as a derogatory term within their political language, a more effective means of exposing these fashionable idiots for what they are would be “anti-free market”.

      This allows the table to be turned on their own trademark semantic weasel-games, as you can then ask them questions like, “Why are you anti-free market?” and “Why are you against private citizens having economic freedom in an open market?”, etc.

      Remember, they aren’t anti-capitalist – they’re pro-economic slavery. And they don’t intend to be the slaves.

Let get real here. This has nothing to do with the poor useful idiots. With folks like Congressional Democrats calling for an “American Autumn,” then Van Jones and the unions coming on board, these folks don’t really care about “Sticking It To The Man,” when they are “The Man” ? Hell no.

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This is all about simple extortion. Now they can’t have these Democrats (or Republicans) on Wall Street going of the reservation.

Not writing (Can’t Write) off Perry; not especially after Christie’s let-down announcement. But thinks whoever becomes the Nominee… must include Cain as VP. Perry, if he gets the nod, needs a shield bearer.

“jealously and envy ” definitely covers most it. I submit another component consists of a lazy, dependent sheep/cows class the Dims have worked so hard to establish. 47% pay no fed income tax, and an astonishing 30% actually get net $! Some indeed w/ this group/class are jealous and/or envious. I suspect a considerable number are neither. They’ve been told repeatedly that they’re “entitled”, and like other ruminants, just waiting to be taken care of.

    Oh, it’s actually quite a bit higher than 30% getting net money. It’s more like 38% or 39% the last time I actually delved into the numbers , even when you account for the differential between FICA and Income Tax coupled with the EITC, Child Credits and other “refundable” credits (as opposed to non-refundable, which only lower tax IF you actually owe it).

    If the Democrat Party were actually serious, they would propose eliminating the “refundable” tax credits from the Tax System. But they’ll NEVER do it, for the simple reason of that would immediately force all those “low income” people who are purportedly in the 10% tax bracket to actually PAY some tax at all, which will cause a riot in the Democrat base.

Must watch! Video of Herman Cain on “Red Eye” with Greg Gutfeld last night. He mentions George Will’s comments, too! Funny stuff.

Herman Cain on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld

You know, I liked Herman Cain early on, but I didn’t think he was going to have the horsepower to actually make it to the finish line. I expected him to run out of money and drop by the wayside like Pawlenty has done. I’m having to reassess that consideration.

If Cain can maintain this level of momentum, he will be WELL on his way to being a VP nomination for either Perry or Romney should they manage to win. Cain probably helps Romney more than Perry if offered a VP ticket, as Perry already pulls in most of the fiscal conservatives, but a Cain VP on Perry’s ticket will probably pull in more African American and Latino votes than he otherwise would have received.

Right now, my guess is that if Cain can keep up this level of momentum, he will win the Caucus in Iowa (where Corn Subsidies and the FairTax are kingmakers).

The next 60 days are going to get VERY interesting.

Thanks, LukeHand, for that link. I will amend Chuck Skinner’s Cain prophecy thusly: “..he will be well on his to at least being a VP….”. Otherwise I’m in Skinner’s shoes, too. Interesting man, interesting times; we could do worse and we may not be able to do better. Time will tell.

I want Cain as the head of the ticket, not VP. Why? Because he’s the only one who doesn’t raise my blood pressure 50 points when he speaks. I feel like we have something, a lot really, in common.

Call me a dreamer.