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Heavy-handed Tweet of the Day

Heavy-handed Tweet of the Day

Yes, this is the point, isn’t it?  It’s not just about big liberal government, it’s about big government.

By way of example, it’s why I am against centralize federal tort reform; just because you like the result doesn’t mean you have to empower the federal government to get the result.  And going one step further, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you even empower state government.

It’s the libertarian streak, and I believe it’s what sets the Tea Party movement apart from the traditional conservative movement.

From @BillHobbs:


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As Snow White would have said to Mr. Hobbs (as she was rumored to wisecrack to all angry lefties in the kingdom),

“Oooh … you must be Grumpy.”

Lest I be misunderstood, I do agree with Mr. Hobbs.

It really bothers me when our kids’ teachers bring their liberal politics into the classroom. It makes me … Grumpy. It would make me just as Grumpy (well, almost) if they had teachers bringing their conservative politics into the classroom. Politics, left or right, do not belong there, period. Wrong is wrong … it’s that simple.

LukeHandCool (whose wife would say he most closely resembles Dopey).

How could a truly conservative gov’t be heavy handed? I agree we should fight against overly intrusive gov’t from either side of the aisle, which is probably the point, but a conservative gov’t should, by definition, be less obtrusive than any reasonable alternative.

Because Bill Hobbs said so, I guess.

When we’re done arguing over what constitutes fighting HARD, what defines heavy-handedness, and whose standard of morality we’re to stand upon, I suppose Bill Hobbs, in retrospect, will have tweeted something intelligent.


I have thought this so many times when I hear a so-called conservative on one hand decry the pervasive extension into the personal lives of the people by government then turn around and declare that some law extending the power of the government into the personal lives of the people is absolutely necessary in the same breath. And yes what they want to accomplish is perhaps a worthy goal just not by the hand of the Federal Government.

And they never seem to see the contradiction.

It’s why sometimes I think I’m more a libertarian than conservative but then again; no.

I’ve seen some conservative bloggers do this; post after post about the partisan editing and censorship of the MSM. Then ban or edit commenters who support other views or write posts that are mere cheerleading for their particular candidate or policy that represents their beliefs.

Walt Kelly had it right; “we have met the enemy and he is us”.

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | October 29, 2011 at 5:34 am

He’s Right.. and do you know why, because if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem..

Hypocrisy is not part of the Constitutional Conservative platform and agenda.. and is why we will be getting rid of not just Obama, but Boehner as well..