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Felix Salmon (h/t HotAir)

… I don’t see much hope that the unemployment rate will come down to a remotely acceptable level any time soon. Realistically, America’s unemployed are here to stay. And we’re only just beginning to understand how that’s going to affect the political economy of the nation.

A near permanent dependent unemployed class, on top of the preexisting never-employed dependent class.

Just like the Europe.  Mission accomplished.


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Yes, mission accomplished. Who do you suppose is REALLY behind OWS? None other than dear leader. Collapse from within. Amazing, he did it in less than three years.

Seems this was the same kind of thing they said during the Carter years. Ah, the good old days, when a competent boob roamed the White House (and I mean Billy Carter).

Yep, the unemployed topping off the never-employed is a scary scenario. We already have a “tax code” that actually pays people who don’t earn enough otherwise via refundable credits. Now given that we’re nearing 50% plus of tax filers who pay no income tax what-so-ever, and that’s merely 1/3rd of the population, more or less, who file returns….how long before we’re a one party only system?

I bet the trains will run on time.

Is there anything the government can do to bring unemployment down?, asks Salmon.

The government could survey employers, ask what it can do to get them hiring in the USA again, and do it.


Just get the annointed one of the White House and let someone competent take over, the more conservative the better, with a supportive Congress, the more conservative the better, and the future will not be so bleak. We have so much oil and gas waiting to be tapped. Doing so will put many back to work and lead to all sorts of economic benefits. Scale back regulations (the President can do that) and improve the tax code (needs Congress) and we’re back in business. This can be done starting in 2012. All hope is lost if Obama is re-elected.

“Fundamental Change.”

Obama and his crowd are putting the “Mental” back in “Fundamental.”

You Say You Want a Revolution

“The cardboard carpet is both adorably predictable and a little creepy: BILDERBERGERS WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE; MY PARENTS WERE FORCED FED A PREDATORY LOAN THEY COULDN’T AFFORD! THANKS HANK PAULSON!; WHERE’S MY FORESKIN? END MALE GENITAL MUTILATION. On one side, Japanese tourists take pictures and Scoop Bradys like me take notes; on the other, drab students scribble more bon mots, play guitar, or catch some shut-eye on a sea of cruddy tarps. There’s the obligatory drum circle to the east, a little cigarette-rolling enclave in the back. The ambitious give out pamphlets around the perimeter.”

Greetings from ‘Occupied’ California

“What to make of all this? The movement’s manifesto (to say nothing of this unofficial list of demands) reads like a Marxist child’s letter to a Santa Claus his doctrinaire parents forgot to tell him doesn’t exist. Rather than a genuine populist uprising, more accurate to call these demonstrations a novel exercise in the ancient art of political street theater. Nothing against street theater, of course.”

Yes indeed, “Mission Accomplished.”

Obama and the democrat party never had the slightest intention of any jobs creation. They have succeeded spetacularly at converting a sizable sector of the hated middele class into a permanent government dependent underclass.

The purpose is to create Euro-Socialist type permanent non-functional welfare voter classes supported by massive government bureaucracies staffed with colossal numbers of fellow socialists, immune even to any temporary “conservative” or free market elected government.

The unemployment picture is genuinely ugly.

It’s even uglier if you’re an educated male over the age of 55–which is “overqualified” in every employer’s book. Add a minor health problem, and it’s welfare-city for you!!

And those are the people who WANT to work.

Its 1979 all over again.